Eagles offense sputters, Foles leaves with concussion

It was extremely hard to find something good about the Eagles’ performance yesterday. That’s because they did pretty much everything wrong. This is a team that, coming into the game, had one of the best offenses in the league. But, they managed to score only 3 points against one of the worst defenses in the league. How did that happen? It’s simple: the Eagles are an inconsistent football team. And not only that, but they’re … Continue reading

Foles excels, scores 4 TDs to beat Buccaneers

Well, the Eagles no longer have a losing record. They’re back to .500 with a record of 3-3. Does this make them a good team now? Eh, I can’t exactly say that. The teams they’ve beaten have a combined record of 1-14, so it’s not all that special. The Eagles have seemingly played only bad defenses this year (except Kansas City), but Tampa Bay was supposed to be a challenge on defense and they handled … Continue reading

Eagles get back on track with divisional win over Giants

The Eagles got back on track on Sunday with a win over the Giants, moving to 2-3 on the year and moving them to the top of the NFC East. Yes, they are actually tied for the lead of their division with a losing record. While this will likely change, they can at least feel like they are winners for a little while. They actually did play a pretty good game though. They had a … Continue reading

Eagles get blasted by Broncos, fall to 1-3

Well, nothing about yesterday’s game was very surprising. I mean, anyone who sincerely thought the Eagles had a chance to beat the Broncos is either delusional or just kidding himself. Even though the score was relatively close at halftime, there was no way the Eagles were going to come back and win. But while some people might blame the loss on the fact that they played the Broncos, the Eagles deserve a lot of the … Continue reading

Eagles offense reverts back to last season, gets crushed by Chiefs

26-16 doesn’t sound like the Eagles got crushed, but believe me, if you watched the game, you’d know that they did. There was almost nothing positive to take out from that game. The offense, which only committed two turnovers total in the first two games, gave up the ball 5 times last night against the Chiefs. That’s just completely unacceptable. In addition, Michael Vick was sacked 6 times and posted a passer rating of 49.4. … Continue reading

Vick’s and Jackson’s career days still not enough to beat Chargers

What an excellent offensive outing the Eagles had yesterday. But on the other hand, what a pathetic defensive outing they had. Sure, they managed to compile 511 offensive yards, but they gave up even more than that on defense. They may have had zero turnovers, but they had 9 penalties for 82 yards, many of them coming on defense. They may have only been sacked one time, but their defense only got one sack as … Continue reading

Despite late comeback, Eagles hold on to beat Redskins

I honestly did not have high hopes for the Eagles this season. I thought it was going to be an obvious rebuilding year that would result in a lot of losses and a lot of frustration. But based on the performance in their game today, I just may be wrong… While it certainly wasn’t the prettiest game, they still got it done and won against a division rival, an obvious feat. They somehow managed to … Continue reading

Do NFL QBs Really Deserve Their Contracts? (2013)

It seems that every time another quarterback gets a new contract or some sort of extension, the idea is to beat out the last person’s deal and have something included in the contract that screams “first time ever” or “biggest in NFL history.” These deals will only continue too as long as the salary cap goes up. But regarding the salary cap, it seems like some teams are getting away with minimal cap hits for … Continue reading

Will Carmelo Anthony be able to corral a super-team?

The 2013-2014 season hasn’t even started yet and people are already talking about what kind of super-teams can be formed for the following season. So I thought, what the heck, why not join in with the discussion? One of the more interesting topics is what Knicks star Carmelo Anthony will do next season. There have been rumors all over the place, some saying that he will go join the Lakers with Kobe. The Knicks have … Continue reading

Sixers finally get Brett Brown to coach them

A month and a half ago, Brett Brown was said to be the new Sixers coach. Then all of a sudden it was reported that he had not accepted the job and that they were interviewing other candidates still. So the team interviewed a bunch of assistants from around the league, only to announce that the finalists for the job were Brown and Sixers assistant Michael Curry. Then the team said they were still in … Continue reading