Offense looks strong in Eagles first preseason outing

To be honest, I didn’t have very high expectations for the Eagles going into this game. Not only is it just a preseason game that doesn’t count, but I don’t expect the team to be very good this year anyway. The battle between Nick Foles and Michael Vick was probably the biggest story going into the night, and they both looked pretty good. Without two of their best players in LeSean McCoy and Jason Peters, … Continue reading

Injuries continuing to pile up for Eagles

Today’s practice featured numerous injuries that will only add to the long list that they’ve already had to deal with. The day after hearing that Arrelious Benn tore his ACL and will miss the season, the Eagles began practice without five of their players, all lineman. Antonio Dixon was the only defensive tackle among the group, with the rest all coming from the offensive line. With Dennis Kelly, Nate Menkin, Jason Peters, and Ed Wang … Continue reading

Eagles lose another two WRs in Benn and Ball

Just when you thought the Eagles’ WR woes were in the books, they got a little bit worse. The same day that Riley Cooper returned to practice after the debacle he underwent with his racial slur at a concert, the Eagles lost another two WRs from their roster. Arrelious Benn, who was shaping up to be the 5th receiver in the depth chart, tore his ACL today in practice, meaning he will be done for … Continue reading

NFL shakes up Pro Bowl

It was obvious that something needed to change with the NFL Pro Bowl, but nobody really knew how they would change it. Some people wanted the league to scrap the game completely because of its poor ratings and lack of enthusiasm from the fans, but that is not at all what they chose to do. I personally think the game is quite boring nowadays because of the fact that so many players choose not to … Continue reading

Eagles need big year from McCoy and Brown to win

Chip Kelly has already said that he’s going to run the ball more than the Eagles did last year, and with Andy Reid’s gameplan, that shouldn’t be too hard. With this change in philosophy comes a need for the team to change, and I think they’re ready for that. The fact that Maclin is already out for season shows that they’ll be even more forced to run the ball. And they don’t have many solid … Continue reading

Maclin tears ACL, puts Eagles in even worse situation

I was never expecting the Eagles to have a very good season, or even an okay season. Actually, I’d be surprised if they won much more than four games this year. But their hopes just got a lot worse yesterday after WR Jeremy Maclin tore his right ACL in training camp. Without him, their receiving corps becomes even thinner than it was before. Since he was going to be one of the starters, it means … Continue reading

Predicting the Sixers roster and starters

While it’s probably too early to be thinking about who the starters will be on the Sixers roster when the regular season begins, I’m going to think about it anyway. Obviously they are probably not done making moves, but this guess will reflect who I think they’re likely to have and won’t take into account any hopeful or wishful moves in free agency or in trades. So here it is: Starters C Lavoy Allen Last … Continue reading

Summer League struggles for Sixers

It shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise that the Sixers finished with a near-worst 1-4 record following the NBA Summer League in Orlando. Even though their roster is thin, they didn’t have any of their top guys playing, with the leader being rookie Michael Carter-Williams, a guy who clearly has a lot of work to do before he becomes a legitimate starting point guard. Arnett Moultrie and Khalif Wyatt were probably the two … Continue reading

Sixers still without coach after Summer League

It baffles me that the Sixers still have not selected a coach. They went from basically “having” Brett Brown, the former Spurs assistant, as their head coach to still in the process of interviewing back to the idea that Brown was now the favorite again. Whatever they’re doing, they really need to figure it out soon or next season will be even more of a disaster, and I didn’t think that could possibly happen. But … Continue reading

Bynum comes to Cavaliers, is LeBron James next?

Andrew Bynum couldn’t miss another entire season could he? Is that even possible? Oh wait, Greg Oden did it. And with the way Bynum’s knees seem to be at this point, $12 million is certainly a big gamble even though only half of it is guaranteed. It’s certainly a lot less than the $20+ million he earned last year for doing basically nothing, but it doesn’t come without its risks. But one has to question: … Continue reading