Analyzing Bus Routes in Bethlehem: Where Does LANta Go?

You can view a more interactive version of the map with all of the layers here. The full accompanying essay can be found here. Disclaimer: This map was not made by the Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority (LANta) and is not affiliated with them in any way. The map was originally created for a class project at Lehigh University. By looking at the real-time LANta bus tracker, I used the line feature on to … Continue reading

Sabermetrics study: measuring $/WAR and projected player salaries

Originally submitted for an Economics class at Lehigh. Wins above replacement, or WAR, is a statistic in growing popularity among baseball fans and executives. It’s one of the most popular statistics used in sabermetric analysis and is even being used to take into account whether teams should keep, sign, or trade players. In this report, I researched the comparison between players’ WAR values in 2013 to their salary number. First of all, since the Retrosheet … Continue reading