Dwight Howard shopping for a new home

Even though Howard put up really solid numbers for the Lakers this past season, they clearly didn’t accomplish what they wanted and are possibly looking to switch things around. Since the deal was only for one year, he is currently a free agent and searching for a new team for which to play. What seems surprising though is that the Lakers are still one of the teams on his radar even though there seemed to … Continue reading

Who’s in the Sixers starting lineup?

I think this is the biggest question now among all Sixers fans. A couple days ago I speculated that the starting lineup would be C Nerlens Noel, PF Spencer Hawes, SF Thad Young, SG Evan Turner, and PG Michael Carter-Williams. But this could easily go a whole different direction if Noel isn’t healthy by the start of the season. Then we might see this lineup: C Hawes, PF Thad Young, SF Turner, SG Damien Wilkins, … Continue reading

Who is Brett Brown? The Sixers new head coach?

When I heard that Brett Brown was going to be hired as the new head coach for the Sixers, my first reaction was “who is this guy?” Ok, so it’s not like he’s a random guy, and my knowledge of basketball coaches isn’t extraordinary, but I don’t think many fans immediately knew who this guy was and were excited. But maybe they should be excited. He doesn’t have any NBA head coaching experience, but he … Continue reading

Holiday out, Noel and Carter-Williams in

If you’re a Sixers fan, then last night during Draft Day was certainly an interesting night. There were already rumors that they were going to trade away somebody such as Evan Turner to mix things up, but not many people saw coming what they actually did. Instead, they traded Jrue Holiday for newly drafted C Nerlens Noel and a 2014 first round draft pick. In the long term, this could be an interesting decision. In … Continue reading