Links of the week: Eagles prepare for Combine, begin to make roster moves

This is week two of the “lull” period of the NFL offseason, but teams still continue to make some moves and move forward in their evaluations of players for the NFL Draft. This week, the Eagles released their first player, had a player wrongly arrested for indecent exposure and hypothetically traded all their 2015 draft picks to get Marcus Mariota. Sounds like an interesting week to me. Props to the blog Bleeding Green Nation this … Continue reading

Eagles 2015 free agents: stay or go

While the Eagles don’t have a ton of players on their team whose contracts are expiring, they definitely have some big names on that list. Guys like Jeremy Maclin and Brandon Graham should both get paid this offseason regardless of the team they end up on. It seems most likely that Maclin will re-sign and Graham will go elsewhere, but nothing is final. Here are all of the guys on the roster who have expiring … Continue reading

Links of the week: rumors of roster changes looming

Nothing exactly concrete happened in the past week, but the rumors of who’s staying and who’s going in Philadelphia have seemed to intensify. In addition to that, many analysts and writers are beginning to point out players in the draft that would be good fits for the Eagles. One of the bigger ongoing pieces of news is that Jeremy Maclin still hasn’t been re-signed, but I still don’t think it’s at the point of concern … Continue reading

Who the Eagles might cut ties with to save cap space this offseason

It’s not that the Eagles have no salary cap space, but they’re certainly in a situation where they’ll be able to add some more by either reworking some contracts or letting go of some guys completely. It’s always a tough decision to let a long-time veteran go just because he’s too expensive, but sometimes it needs to happen. There have even been talks of the Eagles parting ways with LeSean McCoy because of his high … Continue reading

Links of the week: the official beginning of the offseason

Now that the Super Bowl is over, the 2014 NFL season has officially concluded. Talks of the combine, free agency, and the draft are already beginning as all 32 teams prepare their offseason plans. The Eagles have a very interesting offseason in front of them as a couple of their best players, Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy, are apparently not locks to return in 2015. Nothing to fret over yet, but it’s interesting. Here are … Continue reading

Evan Mathis joins Jackson on Eagles trade block

As the Eagles continue to consider trading Pro Bowl WR DeSean Jackson, they have added an All-Pro to the mix: G Evan Mathis. Mathis, who has started all 32 games with the Eagles over the past two years with the team, had his best season of his career last year when he was named as one of the top guards in the entire league. So the Eagles decide they should put him on the trade … Continue reading

DeSean Jackson trade rumors: he may be gone after all

Yes, this goes against my firm affirmation that DeSean Jackson wasn’t going anywhere, but new development suggests he may indeed be on his way out. The Eagles have confirmed that they are shopping Jackson around the league, but have not announced whether they will trade or release him. The teams I discussed last week are all still part of the rumors, as well as a couple more such as the Seahawks and Panthers. Regardless, it … Continue reading

Sproles and Carroll join Eagles on day three of NFL free agency

The Broncos may be signing all the top names in free agency, but the Eagles are slowly adding a solid group of people to join their already solid team. After being relatively busy in the past two days, they were once again one of the first teams to make a move today, first trading for Saints RB Darren Sproles and then signing former Dolphins CB Nolan Carroll. Both of these guys will be really solid … Continue reading

Eagles add two special teams players on day two of NFL free agency

After a very good first day of free agency, the Eagles got right back to work. They made what was possibly the very first NFL transaction of the day by signing former Seahawks S Chris Maragos and then later signed former Texans LB Bryan Braman. Both of these guys will be nice depth players and will contribute greatly on special teams. Very early this morning, the Eagles agreed to sign Maragos to a 3 year, … Continue reading

Eagles make a trio of moves on day one of NFL free agency

It wasn’t a groundbreaking or jaw-dropping first day of free agency, but sometimes that’s a good thing. The Eagles went into the day with a plan, and they came out of it with some solid moves. The most noteworthy was the signing of former Saints S Malcolm Jenkins, which fills a massive hole at the safety position. They also decided to re-sign P Donnie Jones and release S Patrick Chung, moves that actually came before … Continue reading