Eagles pummel Jets 37-7 in preseason finale

The Eagles started the preseason with a pair of games in which they gave up exorbitant amounts of points, but their past two games have been excellent defensively and have accomplished exactly what they were looking for: improvement. This shellacking of the local Jets was not exactly necessary, but it sure did prove a point. The Eagles have a ton of depth across the board. It’s going to be a very tough decision to cut … Continue reading

Eagles dominate Steelers 31-21 to win preseason home opener

Now the first thing that all people who didn’t watch the game will be thinking when they see the score is “31-21? That doesn’t sound like domination to me.” Well, that’s because you didn’t watch the game. The Eagles turned it around after two poor defensive performances in the preseason to bounce back and get a really nice win for the PA bragging rights. The Eagles’ backups were scoring even when the Steelers kept their … Continue reading

Turnovers kill Eagles in shootout loss to Patriots

Well, the offense looks good, but the defense needs a lot of work. I think there were many improvements on the offensive side in this game, especially guys that are going to be playing a lot in the regular season like Nick Foles and Jordan Matthews. But the defense has continued to give up tons of points throughout the game, no matter who is out there. I know it’s just the preseason, but something has … Continue reading

Bears come back to beat Eagles in first preseason game

Yes, I am a bit behind on this recap, but I was unable to watch the game live and had to watch the replay on NFL Network the next day. Not the best option since the announcers were Bears announcers, but better than nothing, right? I’m not really worried by the fact they lost. I do recognize though that they still have a lot to work on and not even the guys who are going … Continue reading

Eagles announce 2014 preseason schedule

Free agency is moving its way towards the end as teams prepare for the NFL draft, but the league also just announced each team’s preseason schedules. Unfortunately we can’t start a countdown until football games start again because the dates haven’t been announced yet, but they should start sometime in August. So just 4 more months to go… Michael Vick and the Jets return to the Linc for #Eagles preseason finale. More on the exhibition … Continue reading

Offense looks strong in Eagles first preseason outing

To be honest, I didn’t have very high expectations for the Eagles going into this game. Not only is it just a preseason game that doesn’t count, but I don’t expect the team to be very good this year anyway. The battle between Nick Foles and Michael Vick was probably the biggest story going into the night, and they both looked pretty good. Without two of their best players in LeSean McCoy and Jason Peters, … Continue reading

Eagles get to 53, but not without surprises

It seemed like the QB controversy was the main thing on the minds of many Eagles fans, and when their biggest round of cuts came without the release of a quarterback, it probably left some fans confused, including me. I felt like keeping all four quarterbacks would be a mistake and use up an important spot on the roster, but they eventually followed through with the release of Mike Kafka, not to my surprise. They … Continue reading

Eagles backups get victory over Steelers

After watching the first quarter of play, I felt miserable. The Eagles’ starters looked awful against the Steelers’ starters in every way possible. They scored no points at all in the first half, and starters DeSean Jackson, Michael Vick, and LeSean “Shady” McCoy were nowhere to be found. Yes, while it was clear that none of those players were supposed to play much, it felt like they didn’t play at all. Now I know that … Continue reading