Philadelphia Eagles 2015 schedule preview: Weeks 10-16

Yesterday I made predictions for each game in the first half of the season, giving them a 6-2 record with losses to the Cowboys in Dallas and to the Jets. With a relatively easy schedule, the Eagles should have no problem rolling to a hot start. Here are my predictions for the second half of the year: Week 10: Eagles vs. Dolphins The Dolphins have been stuck in mediocrity for what seems like an eternity, … Continue reading

Philadelphia Eagles 2015 schedule preview: Weeks 1-9

With training camp just a few days away, everyone anxiously awaits one of the most fun and exciting parts of the season: roster construction. There will be 90 guys out there, but only just over half will actually make it on the final roster. Until then, I’m going to preview the regular season, going game by game and finishing with an overall record prediction. Here we go: Week 1: Eagles at Falcons (Monday Night Football) … Continue reading

An early look at the Eagles 2015 schedule: it looks like a good one

Well, after weeks of essentially nothing important happening with the Eagles, something newsworthy finally happened: the release of the 2015 NFL schedules. The Eagles schedule was officially released at 8 p.m. along with the rest of the NFL, although there were a few rumors going around about various matchups that would and would not occur, especially regarding the NFL opening game, which eventually went to the Steelers and Patriots. The highlights of the schedule are … Continue reading

Philadelphia Eagles 2015 schedule preview

The Super Bowl is now less than a week away, meaning the NFL season is almost over. It’s been about a month since the Eagles have played a game and I’ve started to finally get over it. But what better way to celebrate the soon-to-start offseason with a look at who the Eagles will play next season? Some might say it’s too early to start talking about that. But the reality is it’s never too … Continue reading

Eagles announce schedule for 2014 season: weeks 14-17

So at this point, the Eagles would be 9-3 (if my predictions are right). That’s definitely good enough to put them high up in the standings for the conference and the league. But, the final four games of the season will likely be the hardest stretch of the season. If the Eagles want to guarantee a playoff spot, they should be coming into this final stretch with at least 8 wins, but preferably 9 (or … Continue reading

Eagles announce schedule for 2014 season: weeks 10-13

As per my predictions so far, the Eagles stand at 6-2 and likely hold the lead in the NFC East. That’s a pretty solid start to the season, especially after starting out 2-2. This puts them on a 4-game winning streak, but they go into a 4-game stretch that will be quite challenging compared to the last. Will they be able to stay ahead in the division? I guess we’ll see: Week 10 This week … Continue reading

Eagles announce schedule for 2014 season: weeks 5-9

After my predictions for Weeks 1-4 yesterday, I decided that they’d go 2-2 to start out the season. This isn’t the greatest start for a division champion from last year, but their two losses were to two other division champs, so it wouldn’t worry me too much if they lost to the Colts and 49ers. This stretch of the season should be a little bit better for the Eagles though. Week 5 After starting 2-2, … Continue reading

Eagles announce schedule for 2014 season: weeks 1-4

The long-awaited NFL schedules have finally been released. At 8 p.m. yesterday, they were made official by the NFL, although many of the games were already leaked ahead of time. Regardless, with the schedules actually made official, I can now analyze what they were given and predict their record. Here it goes: Week 1 The Eagles got Jacksonville at home in their opener. Couldn’t start much better than that, could they? Jacksonville had a pitiful … Continue reading

2014 preview: Philadelphia Eagles schedule

Yes, it does seem a little premature to already be talking about the Eagles’ schedule for 2014, but their postseason is over and their offseason has begun. They are already in full offseason mode, cleaning out lockers and even signing players to “future” contracts. There are also rumors that the re-signing of WR Jeremy Maclin is imminent, who is definitely the biggest name on their list of upcoming free agents. But fast-forwarding past all the … Continue reading