Philadelphia Eagles 53-man roster prediction: Version 1.0

Predicting who is going to make an NFL team’s roster in May is stupid right? Of course it is. But that doesn’t mean it’s not fun. A whole lot is going to change between now and September when the Eagles take the field against the Browns in Week 1, but here’s my initial roster prediction based on what I think will happen: Quarterback In: Sam Bradford, Chase Daniel, Carson Wentz Out: McLeod Bethel-Thompson Even though … Continue reading

Analyzing Eagles’ trade to No. 2 overall: Was it worth it?

The Philadelphia Eagles moved up in the first round for the second time this offseason, trading with the Cleveland Browns to get the No. 2 overall pick in the draft. This nearly confirms they’ll be taking whichever quarterback, Carson Wentz or Jared Goff, that the Rams do not take. Was this trade worth it? In my opinion, not at all, but I’ve seen a lot of people make fair arguments as to how it could … Continue reading

Why the Eagles shouldn’t draft any running back in the first round

One of the most debated players among Eagles fans for who they should draft with the No. 8 pick is Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliot. I have had conflicted thoughts about this because, as I’ve mentioned before, I think Elliot is an extremely talented player. I think he could easily be the Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2016 and have multiple 1,000-yard rushing seasons, as well as make an impact through the air … Continue reading

Philadelphia Eagles 2015 Season Recap: Special Teams

This is part 4 in a four-part series. Parts 1, 2 and 3 can be found here, here and here, respectively. The Eagles boasted the number one special teams unit in the NFL in 2014, in large part thanks to Dave Fipp, their incredible special teams coach that the team grabbed from the Miami Dolphins in 2013, where he was equally successful. Last year they had seven touchdowns on special teams, an incredible number, and … Continue reading

Philadelphia Eagles 2015 Season Recap: Defense

This is part 3 of a four-part series. Parts 1 and 2 can be found here and here, respectively. Oh, how the Eagles defense was bad. It was so bad at times that below average teams were literally running and passing all over them. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a 200-yard rusher and five passing touchdowns in the same game, which is just insane to consider. Their defense gave up 30+ points in five of … Continue reading

Philadelphia Eagles 2015 Season Recap: Offense

This is part 2 in a four-part series. Part one can be found here. The Eagles had such a prolific offense in 2013 and 2014 that it was very hard to swallow the disaster that appeared in front of fans for most of the 2015 season. It started with the very first drive when DeMarco Murray was blasted for multiple negative yard gains on zone stretch plays that were unsuccessful for almost 99% of the … Continue reading

Philadelphia Eagles 2015 Season Recap: Overall

This is part 1 in a four-part series. Nobody needs to tell you that the 2015 Eagles were a disappointment. That is utter and complete fact. The offense that once was tearing up defenses with no solution was left stagnant and inconsistent too often The defense continued to be a liability regardless of how long it was on the field. And the special teams, which was the best unit in the league in 2014, fell back … Continue reading

Philadelphia Eagles fired Chip Kelly prematurely

Jeffery Lurie really isn’t messing around anymore. The guy who let Andy Reid wallow around as the Eagles’ head coach and general manager for over a decade made headlines all over the nation when he decided to fire Chip Kelly from his position as the Eagles’ head coach and “general manager”. On a Tuesday night. Before Week 17. After the players had all gone home. The move was surprising to many, but mostly because of … Continue reading

General rants and thoughts on Eagles loss to Cardinals

The Philadelphia Eagles’ loss to the Cardinals last night was a tough one, and it really does prove that the Eagles can’t consistently hang in there with the top teams in the league. But, the season is not over yet, and thus there is hope. Hope is what holds together Eagles Nation, no matter how negative many of them are. It’s hope that they may just sneak into the playoffs and do well that keeps … Continue reading

Analyzing Bus Routes in Bethlehem: Where Does LANta Go?

You can view a more interactive version of the map with all of the layers here. The full accompanying essay can be found here. Disclaimer: This map was not made by the Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority (LANta) and is not affiliated with them in any way. The map was originally created for a class project at Lehigh University. By looking at the real-time LANta bus tracker, I used the line feature on to … Continue reading