2013: Do NFL QBs really deserve their contracts? (part five)

Matthew Stafford is another player that comes to mind, except he’s even lower than these guys in the level that they deserve their contracts. First of all, the team has only had one winning season in the four years that he’s been on the team. Yes, he doesn’t deserve all of the blame considering he was out for a bunch of games during that time, but that just brings up another point. He missed 19 out of 64 possible games over his career and has had multiple shoulder issues. Can the Lions really trust him in the future? He has managed to play every game in the last two seasons, throwing for over 10,000 yards in the two years total. He had a nice ratio in 2011 with 41 TDs and 16 INTs, but that ratio dropped off to almost 1 in 2012. He threw only 20 TDs and had 17 INTs. The team also finished with an 8-game losing streak and missed the playoffs yet again. Stafford has only taken the team to the playoffs once, and they lost, meaning he hasn’t even won a playoff game yet. His career record as a starter is 17-28, and the team doesn’t seem to be moving in the right direction. So what do they do? They give Stafford a 3 year, $53 million extension with $41.5 million guaranteed through the end of the contract. Somehow it was done so that the team saves cap space, but he’s still making a ridiculous amount of money. And this year doesn’t even include the extension yet, and he’s still making a ton. His cap hit is the second highest among QBs in the league at $17.82 million, but the actual amount that he’s making is $31.5 million. $31.5 million? That seems like quite a lot for a guy that’s never won a playoff game and has barely won games in the regular season. Final verdict: he definitely does not deserve his contract.

While Phillip Rivers looked like a stud QB a bunch of years ago, he’s already starting to drop off. He took his team to the playoffs four years in a row and also has four 4,000+ yard seasons. Not bad, right? Well, let’s look at his playoff record. He is 3-4 in the playoffs and hasn’t even reached the postseason in the past three years. In those three years, he’s perfectly average at 24-24 as a starter and has largely been a disappointment. But he’s proved that he can get it done already, right? Well, sort of. That was a long time ago, and the Chargers have been synonymous with the words “disappointment” and “collapse” in the past few years. Those aren’t words that you want associated with your team, and Rivers needs to take some of the blame since he’s the leader of the offense. Somehow, he will receive $12 million next year, which doesn’t sound like a ton, but he has one of the highest cap hits of $17.11 million. That number does not sound like something the team should be spending on a QB that is getting them no better than average. Maybe it’s time that the team looked elsewhere for a new QB because Rivers just isn’t getting it done anymore. Final verdict: he does not deserve his contract anymore.

Among all of the guys discussed in this piece, no one else gets as much criticism as Mark Sanchez. He had the lowest QBR among any QB last season and is considered a huge waste of money by many people. He had an embarrassing 13 TDs and 26 turnovers in the fifteen games that he started last year. That is just completely unacceptable, and is far worse than the average quarterback in the league. But somehow, he is getting far more money than the average quarterback. Next season he’ll make $8.75 million, but his contract will count for $12.85 million against the cap. Like Vick, this is a guy that might not even be the starting QB at the beginning of the season. While the Jets may have made it to the Conference Championship in both of his first two seasons as the starter, it was definitely not because of him. In fact, if they had had a more talented QB, then they might’ve actually made the Super Bowl. And his poor play has caught up with him by now after having two pitiful seasons back-to-back, looking like one of the worst starters in the league. If the Jets want to save themselves, then they need to ditch this guy and his contract quick, or they’re going nowhere. Final verdict: he does not deserve his contract.

And then comes someone who people often forget about: Michael Vick. This guy is barely even the starter on the Eagles, much less a quality QB anymore. He hasn’t played more than 13 games in his three seasons as the starter for the team, and he lost the only playoff game that he took them to. He’s been struggling to stay healthy and the team’s starter for the entire time that he’s been with the team, yet he still has a huge contract. How does a 6-year, $100 million contract with $40 million guaranteed sound? Sounds like he’s being overpaid, right? Well, that was the contract he signed with the team after the 2011 season. Then he went on to have his worst season of his time on the Eagles in 2012 and only played in 10 games. But, this year he’s still slated to make $7.5 million in actual money with a cap hit of $12.2 million. And remember, this is a guy that has not even secured a spot as the team’s starter. Does this sound like a good deal? No. Final verdict: he does not deserve his contract.

Part 6 will be released tomorrow.

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