2013: Do NFL QBs really deserve their contracts? (part six)

This next guy may not be making an insane amount of money overall, but it’s insane for what he’s worth. His name is Sam Bradford. Sure, this guy was a standout in college, but that doesn’t mean he automatically deserves big money in the NFL. In three seasons as a starter, he has a record of 15-26-1, which is pretty bad. He had an okay season last year if you measure a QB based on passing yards, but that’s not what gets teams wins. He’s definitely never been to the playoffs, and it doesn’t look like the team is even close to that. Yet Bradford will be making $9 million next year with a cap hit of $12.595 million, much higher than he likely deserves. Sure, they want to lock him up as the team’s “franchise quarterback,” but does he really deserve that title with the way he’s played? Final verdict: he does not deserve his contract.

Another under the radar guy is Josh Freeman. This is a guy that has been a starter for the last four seasons, but has never finished higher than third in the division. He hasn’t made the playoffs and only has one winning season with the team. The team is getting a lot better now and is looking to build around him, but does that mean he deserves $8.43 million in payment right now, with a $9.76 million cap hit? No, absolutely not. That sounds like a lot of wasted money if I were making the decision. Sure, it’s a lot lower than a lot of the starting QBs in the league, but when comparing his accomplishments to the money he’s receiving in return, it’s just not a good deal. This guy has talent, but his contract overrates him. Final verdict: he does not deserve his contract.

So I’ve called out quite a few starting QBs who only have one playoff win, but it’s better than zero. Carson Palmer has zero, and he has more starts than all of the guys mentioned so far. In nine seasons in the NFL where he’s started a game, he has never won a playoff game, and has only started in one. That was last in 2009, meaning he hasn’t made it to the playoffs in the last three years. In fact, in those past three years, he’s been on a downturn in his career with only 61 TDs and 55 turnovers. With a ratio that close to 1, it doesn’t make sense that he would get a lot of money. Yet the Cardinals are making him their starting QB and paying him $8 million. Why does he deserve that much money? He’s had no more than an average career and has a pretty bad career record of 54-67. This is another example of a former number one overall pick who hasn’t lived up to his expectations. There’s no way he deserves to be a starting QB at this point, much less make $8 million in one season. Final verdict: he does not deserve his contract.

Speaking of unproven QBs, let’s look at Matt Flynn. This guy has started two games in five seasons in the NFL, and he’ll be receiving $6.5 million next year. What? How did he deserve that? Oh, I’m sorry, having an amazing game in one of those starts was good enough. I mean, he does have the all-time record for most passing yards and TDs in a game in Packers history. That’s good enough, right? No, it most certainly is not. One win in the NFL does not equal $6.5 million. Last year he signed a 3 year, $19.5 million deal with the Seahawks in which $10 million of that was guaranteed. That means he was guaranteed $10 million for winning one football game in his career. Wow. I’m not really sure how much dumber they could get, especially since Flynn didn’t start a game for the Seahawks last year and was beat out by a rookie. The guy may have talent, but he just hasn’t gotten a chance to show it. Therefore, he hasn’t gotten enough time to earn that kind of money. Final verdict: he does not deserve his contract.

Part 7 will be released tomorrow.

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