Seahawks embarrass Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII

As long as I’ve been watching the Super Bowl, I have never seen one this lopsided and surprising. The last one I remember being this much of a blowout was when the Ravens beat the Giants for their first in franchise history, but that was over a decade ago. And this game was even more of a rout, with the Seahawks managing a 35 point victory by a score of 43-8. This game proved one cliche right more than ever: defense wins championships.

The Broncos offense couldn’t get anything going from the start. I’m pretty sure they had less than 10 yards after the first quarter, and they finished with only 306 in total, less than the 341 from the Seahawks. Peyton Manning was limited to only 1 TD and had 2 INTs, a pitiful day in his eyes. They also struggled mightily on the ground, picking up just 27 yards on 14 carries. Knowshon Moreno got only 5 carries before getting hurt, which was a huge blow to their offense…not that their offense was producing much anyway, but it took the run game out of the equation. Manning was also held to under 300 yards despite throwing the ball 49 times, proving that he was unable to move the ball down the field quickly. Overall, it was just a nightmare for Manning and Co.

On the other side, it seemed like the Seahawks couldn’t do anything wrong. They didn’t need to pass much, but when they did, Russell Wilson was firing on all cylinders, throwing for 206 yards and 2 TDs with no INTs. While Marshawn Lynch was neutralized for most of the game, Seattle was able to give the ball to other people for some yardage, including two big carries on reverses to Percy Harvin. Wilson was able to spread the ball around to many different receivers, but Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse led the way with 65+ yards and a TD each.

The game started off on the wrong foot after the opening snap went over Manning’s head into the endzone for a safety; after that, pretty much nothing went right. In addition to the 2 INTs that Manning threw, Denver also had 2 fumbles- one by Manning and one by Demaryius Thomas. While Thomas achieved a record for most receptions in a Super Bowl, it was nowhere near enough to spark the team to even a little success. Matt Prater, one of the top kickers in the league this year, was needed only twice in the entire game, and they were both on kickoffs. Except both times the Broncos screwed up: the first was returned 87 yards for a TD by Percy Harvin, and the second was a failed onside kick attempt.

In addition to all these crazy ways to score points, the Seahawks also had an INT return for a TD by LB Malcolm Smith. To be honest, I had never even heard of this guy going into the game, but he turned out to be the Super Bowl MVP, picking up 10 tackles in addition to the TD. Kam Chancellor also had a standout performance on the defensive side, getting 10 tackles of his own, an INT, and 2 passes defensed. His great performance all started when he nailed Demaryius Thomas on the opening drive. That hit really set the tone for the rest of the game.

The Seahawks managed to score points in every way possible yesterday: a passing TD, a rushing TD, a defensive TD, a special teams TD, a FG, and a safety. That was the first time in NFL history that that occurred, and it proves how much of a team effort the Seahawks’ win was. It was actually hard to determine who the MVP of the game should’ve been because so many people had great games. Denver just couldn’t do anything right, and the Seahawks managed to do everything right.

To be honest though, this is not a game I really cared to watch. Even though it was the Super Bowl, it was a blowout from the beginning, and a disappointing one, considering it was supposed to be such a good matchup. The Broncos had no trouble scoring on the Chiefs defense back when they were both undefeated and Kansas City had the top performing defense, yet they could barely gain yards against Seattle. It proves that the Seahawks just deserved this game more and that the Super Bowl is won with a team effort, not one guy (Peyton Manning) that does 90% of the work while the other guys fill in when necessary. Running the ball and playing good defense are the two things my dad always told me were the ways to win games, and he couldn’t have been more right. Offense wins games, defense wins championships.

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