Thoughts on Walter Payton and what people are willing to overlook in star athletes

Walter Payton is one of the greatest running backs in NFL history. His importance to the game of football is cemented forever, and the league even named its “Man of the Year” award after him. The amount of times he went out of his way to sign an autograph, talk with a young fan, or help out a teammate is beyond any athlete I’ve ever heard. It’s no question why so many people loved him. … Continue reading

NFL Coach Hot Seat Thermometer: Post-Week 7 Edition

An NFL coach’s job security can seemingly change drastically week to week. Whether it’s so-called analysts calling for a coach’s head after a brutal loss, or if it’s the coach himself saying he deserves to be fired, the thermometer of a coach’s seat is always changing. Naturally, though, some coaches are closer to being fired than others. If a coach loses one bad game, it seems unlikely that he would be fired compared to the … Continue reading

Do NFL QBs really deserve their contracts? (2014)

Every year that passes proves that the game of American football is becoming more and more of a quarterback’s game. They have always been the clear leader on the offense (and sometimes the whole team), but quarterbacks have become more and more important to a team’s success and production. Teams are recognizing that and paying their quarterbacks accordingly though. The point is, it’s getting out of control. This is my second annual installment of the … Continue reading

Seahawks embarrass Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII

As long as I’ve been watching the Super Bowl, I have never seen one this lopsided and surprising. The last one I remember being this much of a blowout was when the Ravens beat the Giants for their first in franchise history, but that was over a decade ago. And this game was even more of a rout, with the Seahawks managing a 35 point victory by a score of 43-8. This game proved one … Continue reading

Super Bowl XLVIII prediction: Broncos vs. Seahawks

Ah, where to begin. The Super Bowl is the culmination of 20 weeks of NFL football, some teams playing only 16, but the lucky ones playing in more. The Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks are the last two standing, and I can’t say I’m too surprised by this one. While it’s actually rare to have both #1 seeds in the Super Bowl, these two teams were just too dominant not to keep winning. This … Continue reading

Foles wins Pro Bowl MVP, but not enough to lead team to win

About two hours before the game was supposed to start, I had absolutely no intention of watching any of it. Then my inner football-loving self told me “hey, it’s a football game. How bad could it be?” Even Al Michaels admitted last night on live TV how bad last year’s game was, and I didn’t think the rule changes would make this year’s any better. Hall of Famer captains? Really? Well, it somehow avoided disaster … Continue reading

2014 NFL Playoff predictions: Divisional Championship Round

After a wonderful week of games in the Wild Card Round, this round should bring equally exciting games with no matchup that should be a mismatch. Despite some serious differences in seeding, all teams have shed their seeds and proved that anything can happen once the playoffs roll around. Even though the home teams this week have a combined record of 29-3 at home, 3 of 4 of the home teams lost last round. There … Continue reading

2014 NFL Playoff results: Wild Card Round

This weekend produced an excellent group of NFL games that proved just how exciting playoff football can be. We saw a 28 point comeback, two game-winning FGs, and a “weak” 6th seed dismantle an AFC favorite. The lower seed won 3 of the 4 games, which just further proves how unimportant seeding and records become when the playoffs come. Records were being broken left and right and it created a wonderful four games of football. … Continue reading

2014 NFL Playoff Predictions: Wild Card Round

The Wild Card Round of the NFL playoffs for this year is approaching, which means it’s time for the obligatory predictions. These games should be pretty competitive as there doesn’t seem like any game that would be a big mismatch. That being said, it’s always possible that one team could end up crushing the other. It should be a good weekend of football. NFC (6) New Orleans Saints vs. (3) Philadelphia Eagles As I already … Continue reading

Social media in the NFL

Social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook clearly have had a strong effect on the National Football League (NFL), and this effect seems to be constantly increasing. Almost all players and teams have accounts that they update regularly. The teams all spend lots of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars each year trying to get their fans to come to their games, interact with the team, and ultimately, make themselves a profit. Marketing … Continue reading