Do NFL QBs really deserve their contracts? (2014)

Every year that passes proves that the game of American football is becoming more and more of a quarterback’s game. They have always been the clear leader on the offense (and sometimes the whole team), but quarterbacks have become more and more important to a team’s success and production. Teams are recognizing that and paying their quarterbacks accordingly though. The point is, it’s getting out of control. This is my second annual installment of the … Continue reading

Do NFL QBs Really Deserve Their Contracts? (2013)

It seems that every time another quarterback gets a new contract or some sort of extension, the idea is to beat out the last person’s deal and have something included in the contract that screams “first time ever” or “biggest in NFL history.” These deals will only continue too as long as the salary cap goes up. But regarding the salary cap, it seems like some teams are getting away with minimal cap hits for … Continue reading