Five Eagles named to Pro Bowl, Maclin and Cox left out

The annual Pro Bowl is coming up, and the NFL announced the list of players yesterday. Of course, it’s no longer split up into the usual NFC and AFC teams, but instead just a big group of players in which two retired players will have a fantasy draft of the players. Does this make it more fun? Yes and no. Yes because other people think so, but definitely no in my opinion. The Pro Bowl … Continue reading

Foles wins Pro Bowl MVP, but not enough to lead team to win

About two hours before the game was supposed to start, I had absolutely no intention of watching any of it. Then my inner football-loving self told me “hey, it’s a football game. How bad could it be?” Even Al Michaels admitted last night on live TV how bad last year’s game was, and I didn’t think the rule changes would make this year’s any better. Hall of Famer captains? Really? Well, it somehow avoided disaster … Continue reading

Eagles lead the league in Pro Bowl snubs

There is no way in the world that the Eagles only deserved to have 2 people selected to the Pro Bowl this year. This is one of the most talented teams they have had in a while, yet only two people get selected as some of the best at their position? I just don’t understand that. The Pro Bowl is becoming less and less of a relevant idea and an interest in the NFL and … Continue reading

NFL shakes up Pro Bowl

It was obvious that something needed to change with the NFL Pro Bowl, but nobody really knew how they would change it. Some people wanted the league to scrap the game completely because of its poor ratings and lack of enthusiasm from the fans, but that is not at all what they chose to do. I personally think the game is quite boring nowadays because of the fact that so many players choose not to … Continue reading