Fun with Statmuse: Sixers roster career highs

Just a couple of days ago I was given a beta key to use the new website statmuse, which could easily be the greatest statistics website for sports that I’ve ever seen. For those who haven’t heard of it, what it does is you type a question into the search bar and it immediately gives you the data. Sounds easy enough, right? Well that’s because it is. And it has so much data. I could type something like “most points by a Sixers player in a game in 2013” and it immediately gives me a list of the top 25 performances that fit the parameters of the question. It includes the player’s name, age, date of the game, opponent, and basically every other stat about that game that you searched for. So if I actually searched that, it would tell me that it was Jrue Holiday on Jan. 26, 2013 at home against the Knicks when he scored 35 points. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like:

Statmuse screenshot

Or, I could do something where I compare two players. What if I searched “Wroten, Carter-Williams highest ppg in a season”? Well, here’s what I would get:

Statmuse screenshot #2

Sounds pretty legit, right? Yeah, it’s awesome, and this is just the beginning. It doesn’t have more detailed data about individual quarter stats, but the pair of guys that made the website are working on adding more stuff in the future. So, I’ve decided to use Statmuse to easily figure out some career highs for all of the players on the Sixers just for fun. I used the categories of highest points, rebounds and assists in a game for each player. Here’s what I got:

Michael Carter-Williams

Points: 33 (1/7/14 at CLE)
Rebounds: 14 (4/14/14 vs BOS)
Assists: 16 (11/29/14 vs DAL)

Nerlens Noel

Points: 19 (12/15/14 vs BOS)
Rebounds: 12 (11/22/14 at NYK and 12/21/14 at ORL)
Assists: 5 (11/3/14 vs HOU)

Tony Wroten

Points: 31 (11/7/14 vs CHI)
Rebounds: 10 (11/13/13 vs HOU and 12/9/13 vs LAC)
Assists: 11 (11/13/13 vs HOU and 11/26/14 vs BKN)

Luc Mbah a Moute

Points: 22 (3/16/12 at GSW)
Rebounds: 19 (2/3/11 at GSW)
Assists: 6 (12/14/12 at CLE)

Robert Covington

Points: 25 (12/6/14 at DET)
Rebounds: 10 (12/21/14 at ORL)
Assists: 2 (12/23/14 at MIA)

K.J. McDaniels

Points: 21 (11/29/14 vs DAL)
Rebounds: 13 (11/29/14 vs DAL)
Assists: 4 (11/7/14 vs CHI and 11/24/14 vs POR)

Jerami Grant

Points: 11 (12/23/14 at MIA)
Rebounds: 7 (12/23/14 at MIA)
Assists: 1 (three times)

Furkan Aldemir

Points: 2 (12/15/14 vs BOS)
Rebounds: 2 (12/15/14 vs BOS)
Assists: 1 (12/15/14 vs BOS)

Andrei Kirilenko

Points: 31 (2/17/04 at MIA)
Rebounds: 18 (3/21/06 vs PHX)
Assists: 11 (four times)

Jason Richardson

Points: 44 (3/10/06 at MIA)
Rebounds: 14 (three times)
Assists: 8 (13 times)

JaKarr Sampson

Points: 8 (three times)
Rebounds: 5 (12/19/14 vs CHA and 11/7/14 vs CHI)
Assists: 3 (11/9/14 at TOR and 11/7/14 vs CHI)

Henry Sims

Points: 24 (4/4/14 at BOS)
Rebounds: 15 (3/22/14 at CHI)
Assists: 7 (3/24/14 at SAS)

Malcolm Thomas

Points: 9 (4/16/14 at MIN)
Rebounds: 9 (1/19/14 vs MIL and 11/1/14 vs MIA)
Assists: 3 (10/31/14 at MIL)

Hollis Thompson

Points: 21 (11/7/14 vs CHI and 12/13/14 vs MEM)
Rebounds: 9 (three times)
Assists: 4 (four times)

Well, these are everyone’s career highs. As you may notice, some of these records were achieved while on a team other than the Sixers, but I included the data from the other teams to make it more interesting. But I would be able to figure out each player’s career high of any stat while still on the Sixers. For example, Richardson’s highest point total in a game while on the Sixers is 22 points over two years ago. And instead of scrolling endlessly through game logs, I just typed a quick query on the website and I found out immediately. It’s a great website. If you haven’t already done so, request a beta key now and you may be lucky enough to get chosen to use it.

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