Sixers Stay or Go Series: Adonis Thomas

SG Adonis Thomas did not play much for the Sixers, but I’m going to talk about him anyway due to the fact that he was on the roster at the end of the season. In his rookie year last year, he was briefly on the roster of four different teams in the league (including the Sixers). He even got two 10-day contracts with the Magic towards the end of the season, and was coincidentally on the roster for two games that the Magic played the Sixers. He played in one of those games against the Sixers, which was unsurprisingly a win for the Magic, but managed to be the only player on the team with a negative +/- and shot just 1/5.

After not signing on with the Magic for the rest of the season, he was sent back to the D-League, where he was one of the top scorers. The Sixers later signed him to a 10-day contract that would last for the rest of the season. He was on the roster for 5 games, but only played in two of them. In his first game, which was a loss to the Grizzlies, he scored 4 points on 2/3 shooting in 8 minutes. In his second game, which was a win against the Heat, he actually started the game, but only played in 5 minutes and somehow gathered 3 fouls. He had 3 points and an assist in the short time he was on the court.

While Thomas dominated in the D-League, he was nothing special in the short time that he played in the NBA, no matter what team it was for. It wouldn’t be completely shocking to see him on the Summer League roster (or someone’s Summer League roster), but that would likely be it for him. He’s a free agent this offseason, and the Sixers haven’t shown any specific interest in him other than the 10-day contract. So, it looks like his time as a Sixer has likely come to an end.

Verdict: let him go into free agency

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