Sixers Stay or Go Series: Brandon Davies

I am now in the back half of  the roster as I analyze the players that clearly did not play as much this past season. While that doesn’t mean I’m guaranteed to say to get rid of them, their worth to the team is clearly lesser. A player must really deserve not to play if he’s getting severely limited minutes on a team as bad as the Sixers. Either that, or  the player is just very young and hasn’t developed enough. The case for both can be said for a lot of the backups on their team, and PF Brandon Davies is no exception.

Davies played 51 games in his rookie season last year after being signed as an undrafted free agent in late October. Because of his very limited minutes, it was tough to get a read on his strengths and weaknesses, but I’m guessing he didn’t play much for a reason. He only averaged 11.3 minutes per game, scoring 2.8 PPG and grabbing 2.1 RPG. Not atrocious stats for a backup like Davies, but nothing too great either. He didn’t really add steals, blocks, or assists, and his shooting percentage was just average. Davies was likely nothing more than another player on the team to fill out the roster.

The positive side is that he played in 51 games, which is a fair amount for a player of his limited skill and experience. The most impressive part of it was that he missed 25 games due to a broken finger that required surgery. That means he really only missed 6 games because of a coaching decision DNP. That’s not bad for a player like him. One of Davies’ best games was actually the final game of the season in which he scored 11 points in 19 minutes, including a 3-pointer. His overall best performance was when he had 11 points, 4 rebounds, and 2 steals against the Cavaliers in early January (that was ironically the same game that Thad Young and Evan Turner combined for 2/20 shooting). The 24 minutes he recorded in that game was the most in his career.

So he may have had a couple fair games for a backup, but overall he wasn’t really that important to the team. He was there for a few minutes here and there, but that’s it. His deal was just for one year, so I would be surprised to see them bring him back for another year. If he was already locked in for two years, then it might be different because it seems like an extra effort to release him. But in my opinion, he’s not worth keeping around. They need to make some space for the incoming rookies, and Davies is expendable.

Verdict: let him go into free agency

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