Who is Brett Brown? The Sixers new head coach?

When I heard that Brett Brown was going to be hired as the new head coach for the Sixers, my first reaction was “who is this guy?” Ok, so it’s not like he’s a random guy, and my knowledge of basketball coaches isn’t extraordinary, but I don’t think many fans immediately knew who this guy was and were excited. But maybe they should be excited.

He doesn’t have any NBA head coaching experience, but he coached many seasons in Australia and even was the head coach of Australia’s men’s national team in the Olympics last year. While they didn’t win a medal, that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise because they’re not a very good team in general. But he’s been with the Spurs since 2003 and knows what it’s like to win a championship. That is a very valuable experience that not many coaches can bring to the table. He was a player development coach for a few years before becoming one of the assistant coaches, a job he kept for seven seasons.

An interesting part of this story is that the Sixers are not his top choice. He said that he is very interested in becoming the Celtics new head coach, although the Sixers are still likely to hire him. The most interesting part about this is that the Celtics have never contacted him about the job opening, which means coaching the Celtics is more of a dream than a reality for the long-time Celtics fan. Brown grew up in Boston and attended Boston University, so it makes sense why he would want this job. But it seems as if that won’t happen and he’ll end up in Philadelphia. Hopefully he can turn around a franchise that is struggling to find an identity and has just traded their best player.

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