Eagles announce 2014 preseason schedule

Nick Foles and Chip Kelly

Free agency is moving its way towards the end as teams prepare for the NFL draft, but the league also just announced each team’s preseason schedules. Unfortunately we can’t start a countdown until football games start again because the dates haven’t been announced yet, but they should start sometime in August. So just 4 more months to go…

The Eagles will start their preseason on Soldier Field against the Chicago Bears. The last time these two teams faced off against each other ended in a total blowout in favor of the Eagles, 54-11 in Week 16. Obviously this will be a preseason game featuring mainly backups, but it will be exciting to see guys like Malcolm Jenkins, Darren Sproles, and the new rookies back in action. Plus, it’ll be nice to see Jeremy Maclin back in action after fully recovering from ACL surgery.

They’ll then have another away game, this time against the Patriots. The Patriots were their first opponent last season in the preseason and it ended in a 31-22 loss for the Eagles. That was probably their worst preseason game, but I expect the Eagles to match up better this year with their improved offense and secondary. I remember the Eagles run defense being particularly awful in that game, so it’ll be interesting to see how much that has improved too.

Their next game will be their first home preseason game, where they’ll have a battle of Pennsylvania teams against the Steelers. It makes sense for them to face them since they’re so close by, and it’s always a fun matchup when those two teams face off against each other. I personally think the Eagles have improved more than the Steelers this offseason, but there’s still the draft, so we will see.

Then they’ll have another home game and the one I’m most interested in watching: Eagles vs. Jets. It will be Michael Vick vs. Mark Sanchez, although they will be on opposite teams this year. Although ironically, neither of those guys played in their preseason matchup last year…it was Foles and Matt Barkley vs. Matt Simms. Whoops. But either way I think that will create a nice atmosphere, especially because the last preseason game usually features more time from the starters so they can prepare for the regular season. Maybe they’ll actually win this year

Either way I’m just excited for games to start again. I was ready for the season to start back up the second the Super Bowl ended, and with four more months to go, I’m not sure I’ll make it. Ok, so I’m a bit exaggerated, but seeing the Eagles play is the best part of the year. And as long as Sanchez stays off the field during the regular season, it should be an awesome season to watch.

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