Eagles announce schedule for 2014 season: weeks 10-13

Connor Barwin

As per my predictions so far, the Eagles stand at 6-2 and likely hold the lead in the NFC East. That’s a pretty solid start to the season, especially after starting out 2-2. This puts them on a 4-game winning streak, but they go into a 4-game stretch that will be quite challenging compared to the last. Will they be able to stay ahead in the division? I guess we’ll see:

Week 10

This week pits the Eagles against last year’s winner of the NFC South, the Panthers. Carolina exploded last year for a 12-4 record that was mostly led by their defense, which was nearly impossible to score on (only Seattle gave up less points than them last year in the NFC). What makes this game even better is that it’s Monday Night Football. It’s a home game for the Eagles, but it’s going to be a real test. Is the Eagles offense still good enough to score at will, especially on a defense like the Panthers? Carolina lost one of their best offensive players in Steve Smith, but picked up guys like Jerricho Cotchery and former Eagle Jason Avant. Will that be enough of an upgrade at WR? It’s doubtful, but I still find it hard to expect the Eagles to win this one. Verdict: loss (6-3)

Week 11

After a tough Monday night game, the Eagles have  to travel to Green Bay to take on the Packers. That will by no means be an easy game either, especially since it’s in Lambeau. The Packers just managed to squeeze out a division win last year despite missing Aaron Rodgers for a while, but the expectation is that he will be healthy throughout this year. They can’t expect to get lucky like last year and face Seneca Wallace and Scott Tolzien. Because of this, I think it will be hard for the Eagles to win. But, I have a feeling that the Eagles will pull out a win here. The Eagles need to snag an out of division win inside the NFC, and I think this will be a key one. Verdict: win (7-3)

Week 12

Next come the Titans, who have been riding the mediocrity train for what seems like forever. I’m not exactly sure that they’ll be any better next year either. Other than S Bernard Pollard, the only important guys they really signed this offseason were two kick returners, Dexter McCluster and Leon Washington. That’s an important position, but only to a certain extent. They also lost Chris Johnson, who is overrated and underrated at the same time. No, he’s never going to have 2,000 yards in a season again, but he’s surpassed 1,000 rushing yards in all 6 of his NFL seasons. Shonn Greene isn’t bad, but their overall offense sure is. This should be a relatively easy and necessary win for Philly. Verdict: win (8-3)

Week 13

Finally, the Eagles will get a game on Thanksgiving Day once again, facing their bitter rival, the Dallas Cowboys. It’s the first time they’re playing on Turkey Day since 2008 and the first time against the Cowboys since 1989, in which they crushed Dallas 27-0. The Eagles actually have one of the best records in NFL history on Thanksgiving at 4-1. The Eagles actually play the Cowboys twice in a three-week span (who knows why they decided to schedule it like that). I only see the Eagles losing one division game this year (if they want to win the division), and I have a feeling it will be against the Cowboys. But, I don’t see it happening in this game. Verdict: win (9-3)

So yeah, I said this would be a much harder stretch for the Eagles, but I didn’t say it meant they were going to lose all of them. Three more wins will prove to be important, and a 9-3 record would likely put them as not only the NFC East leader, but probably one of the best teams in the NFC altogether. If they thought this stretch was hard, expect the final four games to be the hardest. I wouldn’t be totally surprised to see them drop half or more of those games, but we’ll see…

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