Eagles come back to beat Ravens, move to 2-0

The last time the Eagles went 2-0 to start the season, they made it to the Super Bowl (2004). While this may seem like a dumb statistic, it is definitely one to consider. Are the Eagles really a Super Bowl-caliber team? I mean, they barely beat the Browns a week ago. But here they are, beating another Super Bowl contender in the Baltimore Ravens in their home opener. That’s something to get excited about.

After last week’s horrid game against the Browns, I had no idea how the team was going to rebound, or if they would at all. I even picked the Ravens to win the game. I didn’t think the Eagles had a shot the way they played last week. But after Vick’s much better performance in a truly outstanding game, I knew I was watching the real Eagles team.

The only thing the Eagles really did wrong was the amount of turnovers they committed. They committed four total turnovers, and three of them were in the red zone. Had they actually taken advantage of those red zone trips and gotten points, this would not have even been a close game. They didn’t really learn from what they did wrong last week, but they still have time to improve. If they can give the Ravens the ball four separate times and still win the game, then imagine what they can do against other teams without turnovers.

Michael Vick looked way better today, passing for 371 yards and a touchdown. He did have 3 of the turnovers himself, but he also did add a rushing touchdown in a key moment at the end of the game to give the Eagles the lead. LeSean McCoy also had another solid week with 89 total yards and a rushing touchdown, but he fumbled once again. After losing only one fumble last year and two in two games this year, he’s not setting a good trend.

The biggest highlight of the week was Brent Celek’s performance. I’ve always liked him, and he really proved his skill. He picked up 8 receptions for 157 yards and broke many tackles on his way to one of his best games ever in his career. Adding in DeSean Jackson’s 115 yards receiving and it made the Eagles’ receivers look great.

The defense looked really good too. Although they only got two sacks and two turnovers, they stopped Rice to under 100 yards rushing (alright, he had 99, but it’s still under 100) and didn’t allow him to get into the endzone. On top of this, Flacco was forced to throw over forty times, which is never a good sign for him.

Overall, this was a great game to watch. I was practically crying after watching last game, and was truthfully not looking forward to this one. But this really increases my hope that the Eagles will actually make a run in the playoffs.

Oh yeah, and a shout out to DeMeco Ryans for getting 6 tackles, a sack, and an interception. And Fletcher Cox had 5 tackles as a DT, which is great. By the way, my man Clay Harbor had another catch. Good job to him.

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