Eagles offense sputters, Foles leaves with concussion

It was extremely hard to find something good about the Eagles’ performance yesterday. That’s because they did pretty much everything wrong. This is a team that, coming into the game, had one of the best offenses in the league. But, they managed to score only 3 points against one of the worst defenses in the league. How did that happen? It’s simple: the Eagles are an inconsistent football team.

And not only that, but they’re winless at home. If you can’t win games in your own stadium, how do you expect to win games in general? It’s obvious that their three wins came against putrid teams, but they still managed to squeak out a 3-4 record so far. That’s much better than I thought it would be considering I predicted they would go 4-12 this year (but don’t get me wrong, this could still easily happen). But looking past their struggles at home, they just can’t get it done week in and week out. Sure, they got some wins, but then they finally face a pretty good team and it all goes downhill. After last week when the Eagles offense actually did well against a good defense, I thought they were finally starting to prove something. But this week’s game made me scratch my head a lot. Most fans came out of that game with one question on their mind: what happened?

The Eagles just couldn’t get anything going offensively, whether it was through the air or on the ground. LeSean McCoy, the man leading the league in rushing yards, got only 18 carries for 55 yards. That’s not acceptable from an elite running back like McCoy. He did get 6 receptions, but managed only 26 yards out of them. Brent Celek continued to be a disappointment this season after gathering just one catch for 9 yards on 4 targets. It’s clear that he’s not a massive part of the offense, but he has certainly been underperforming. One of the biggest head-scratchers this season is Jason Avant; he’s averaging just 33 yards per game despite being the third receiver on high-powered offense (and unsurprisingly got 32 yards on 3 catches yesterday). But the shocking part was that those three catches came on 12 targets. I always called him the “sure-handed Avant” over his career because of his ability to get those clutch catches when they needed them and how he almost never dropped the ball, but his production has clearly tailed off. But this may not be all his fault…

It was blatantly obvious that the Eagles’ quarterbacks yesterday were awful. Nick Foles didn’t look like he knew what he was doing at all, throwing incompletions left and right and getting sacked three times in three quarters. He finished 11/29 with 80 yards and 0 TDs. He may not have had any turnovers, but only 80 passing yards in such a long amount of time on the field is pathetic, especially after throwing it almost 30 times. But oh boy am I upset that he left the game with a concussion. Even though he was playing poorly, reliever Matt Barkley did even worse. He had three drives on offense and threw an interception on all three of them. Wow. In fact, he even had another pick in the first drive that got called back because of a penalty. And they were definitely all his fault. He may have finished with more passing yards than Foles, but the three interceptions definitely did more harm than good.

So now it seems like the question is still here. Who is the Eagles quarterback next week? Nick Foles looks uncertain to play and Michael Vick is still up in the air. Do they trust Barkley enough to go in and make the start if neither Foles nor Vick can go? Or do they throw emergency QB James Casey in there, who normally plays TE for the team? Ok, so that was a joke about Casey getting the start, but Barkley will not be welcomed next week if he continues to play poorly. After the Eagles racked up over 400 yards in each of their first six games, they didn’t even reach 300 yesterday. That is something I am having trouble understanding. Where did the Foles from the last couple weeks go? He seemed to disappear in the span of a week.

Oh yeah, and this offensive failure came on the week that the Eagles defense actually had a great game. They forced two Tony Romo interceptions and stopped them to 17 points on offense. That’s a really solid outing! But three points on offense for the Eagles just isn’t going to cut it no matter what happens.

I’m praying that Vick or Foles can get the start next week because I want to see some actual football since I’ll be attending the game. But if Barkley gets the start, it may just be painful to the point where they give the Giants their first win. I’m trying to stay optimistic, but things aren’t looking good…

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