Eagles Training Camp Day 9 recap: Alonso and Ryans miss practice, Matthews continues to impress

The Eagles now have less than a week until their first preseason game, and they continue to practice hard and in pads. They got through another day without any major injuries, but some important players were still held from practicing due to injuries or “sports science,” which I’m hoping won’t turn into a cop out to avoid telling people about real injuries. I doubt it will, but it is frustrating when the media is left without knowing.

Anyway, here are some general tweets from the writers from practice today:

It sounded like another good day of practice. No earth-shattering news, but like I’ve mentioned in the past, that’s usually a good thing. It means no big injuries were suffered. Jordan Matthews and Josh Huff continue to impress based on the tweets I’m seeing. Huff has been targeted a lot by not only Mark Sanchez, but Sam Bradford as well. Matthews is the obvious top target no matter the quarterback. He was even doing work at the end of practice:

One strange thing I keep hearing from Jimmy Kempski is that Bradford doesn’t look good in his movements. Meaning, he’s barely moving, and that’s a problem. Obviously we’ll have to see what he can do in a real game with a real rush before we can fully judge, but I find it strange that only Kempski feels this way. I am staying on the skeptical side of Bradford until he proves himself on the field, but I’d like to think he’s making improvements in his movements. I guess we’ll see soon enough.

Who Missed Practice?

Kiko Alonso was still out going through the concussion protocol and DeMeco Ryans took the day off. It was a “maintenance day,” so nothing to worry about. Jerome Couplin missed practice again as expected. Neither Alonso nor Couplin will be playing in Sunday’s game as far as I know. Zach Ertz was banged up a little on a nice touchdown grab in the end zone and missed some time, but he apparently looked fine at the end of practice. DeMarco Murray sat out some portions of drills throughout practice, and the reasons were strange:

Drills he’s not comfortable with? I’m not really sure exactly what that’s supposed to mean, but neither guess that Eliot Shorr-Parks gives would be good to hear if true. I’m not sure which would be worse. I still think they’re just keeping it light with what Murray is doing in camp so that he’s fresh for the regular season, so I’m not really worried yet.

RG Battle Update

While it’s not ideal news that no one has really stood out as a top guy in the battle for the starting right guard position, it means we’ll get to see a genuine position battle in the preseason games. It’ll be interesting to see who gets the start in their first game against the Colts on Sunday, but I would expect a couple different guys to start there throughout the preseason. Gardner now has the most practices getting the first team reps, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of the other guys get a third day tomorrow.

News and Notes

Cody Parkey missed a fair amount of field goals in practice, so not his best day…Taylor Hart got some first team reps at defensive end…Jaylen Watkins continued to get the first team reps at nickel cornerback…Tim Tebow was picked off by Randall Evans on a terrible pass…Nelson Agholor had a really bad drop on a wide open bomb…Tebow apparently practiced with a clear visor, as if anyone cares.


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