Links of the week: Updates on prospects the Eagles are looking at, their RFAs and more

The two things heating up are draft discussions and the relationship of former Eagles RB LeSean McCoy. While there is a large group of players the Eagles could end up drafting, it’s impossible to completely rule out the possibility that they end up trading up for Marcus Mariota. Some sources say they’ll definitely try while some say there’s no way it’ll happen. On the other hot topic, there are now rumors that McCoy threatened to hit Chip Kelly in their Week 17 game last year against the Giants and that NFL Films got it on tape. I’m not going to believe that until a reputable source confirms it, but considering that McCoy doesn’t seem to have any problems with burning bridges, it wouldn’t come as a 100% surprise. Here are some links from the last week regarding the Eagles:

1. 2015 NFL Draft: Who will the Eagles draft? Latest list of every prospect they (reportedly) have interest in

By Eliot Shorr-Parks, via

This list includes Pro Days that Kelly has gone to, people the team has talked to during the Combine, and other players they talked to during the Senior Bowl. It’s a vast list that clearly just shows that the Eagles are doing a lot of homework on guys instead of just drafting randomly. It’s been said that Kelly is being very thorough in this process and wants to make sure he gets the right guys. With how picky he is about getting “his guys,” it doesn’t really surprise me.

2. Eagles restricted free agents Cedric Thornton, Chris Polk have yet to sign tenders

By Mark Eckel, via

These Eagles restricted free agents have until April 23 to sign, although that seems like it’s getting a little too close for comfort. Only one RFA has been signed by a team other than the one who gave him the tender, so it seems unlikely that the Eagles would lose either of these guys. But, at the same time, it would still be nice to know that they have their rights locked up for another year. Thornton’s tender would give the Eagles a second round pick in compensation if they were to lose him, but they’d get nothing for Polk if they let him sign with someone else. They need both of these guys back.

3. Despite ‘old guy purge,’ Eagles still have a fair share of old guys

By Jimmy Kempski, via Philly Voice

The headline itself is kind of misleading when you actually look at the numbers, but it’s still worth noting. The Eagles still have 10 guys who are 30+ years old. But, half of them are exactly 30 (meaning they were just added to the list this year), and only one of them was a new player they signed in the offseason (Miles Austin). Plus, their two oldest players are P Donnie Jones and LS Jon Dorenbos, both positions in which age doesn’t really matter as much. While the list does include important guys like Jason Peters and Evan Mathis, you still have to have some veterans on a team to balance it out. The Eagles don’t have an old guy problem.

4. LeSean McCoy has an interesting theory why Chip Kelly traded him away from the Eagles

By Brandon Lee Gowten, via Bleeding Green Nation

It seems like McCoy just hasn’t stopped talking about the trade and his situation in Philly since he was actually traded. At some point, he just needs to suck it up and move on. It seems like there was a lot involving the relationship between him and Kelly that no one really knows about, but it’s not really professional to complain and criticize his former employer. He thinks that Kelly doesn’t like stars on his team because he wants to be the star. While there’s no way to actually prove this, it both makes sense and doesn’t make sense. It’s not that he doesn’t want them, he’s trying to prove that he doesn’t need them. If the guy fits into the system, the system will make it work.

5. Draft Daily: Why Jake Fisher make sense

By Sheil Kapadia, via Philly Mag

While drafting Jake Fisher at No. 20 overall may be a bit of a reach according to some mock drafts, it doesn’t at all mean Kelly won’t take him. Fisher, a left tackle last year for Oregon, seems like he’d fit best at guard upon being drafted, an area of need for the Eagles. It would allow their offensive line to not only get younger, but likely get more talented and still keep veteran Allen Barbre as a fill-in guy in case someone gets hurt. Offensive line depth is very important and was one of their downfalls last year. Drafting Fisher makes a lot of sense and has a connection to Kelly through Oregon. I’d be completely fine with them drafting him.


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