Links of the week: What’s up with the Eagles recently?

This is the first of many posts I will be doing weekly for the rest of the semester in which I’ll post some links to interesting stories I’ve read this week. There may not be any games going on for them till next year, but a lot has happened in just this last week. In case you’re a bit behind on Eagles news, check out these stories to see what’s happened:

1. Philadelphia Eagles name Ed Marynowitz vice president of player personnel

By Brandon Lee Gowten, via Bleeding Green Nation

After a multi-week search, the Eagles finally decided on Ed Marynowitz to be the new VP of player personnel. The Eagles decided to hire inside their own team for this position and will not have an official “general manager” from now on, with Head Coach Chip Kelly essentially handling those duties. Before coming to the Eagles in 2012, he was the director of player personnel for Alabama. He takes over the position that Tom Gamble held.

2. What could the Eagles get from St. Louis Rams for quarterback Nick Foles?

By Mark Eckel, via

With the never-ending rumors about the future of the Eagles starting QB and Nick Foles, the Rams have apparently expressed interest in Foles if he were to be available for a trade. Many different scenarios involving a trade could land Foles on another team, netting the Eagles a possible higher first round draft pick this year, or maybe just a second round pick in a one-for-one swap. Regardless, Foles says he plans on being in Philly next year.

3. Eagles Wake-Up Call: Matthews’ Role in 2015

By Sheil Kapadia, via Philly Mag

Among the many great rookie wide receivers this year was Jordan Matthews, the Eagles’ second round draft pick. He made a statement in his first year and was the team’s second best pass catcher. After Riley Cooper was named the statistically worst WR in the league in 2014, will Matthews’ role expand? It seems like it could, but Chip Kelly might want to mostly keep him in the slot.

4. The missing pieces: Super Bowl XLIX

By Pro Football Focus, via ESPN

Using data from Pro Football Focus, an analytics site for football, the article determined “how many above-average players” each team was away from Super Bowl contention, including the Eagles. According to the article, the Eagles were just two of those players away. They had three “elite” players and three “bad” players according to PFF’s calculations. Whether LeSean McCoy should’ve been in the “bad” category is up for debate, but it is an interesting measure.

5. Jeremy Maclin re-signing with Philadelphia Eagles may not be guaranteed

By Brandon Lee Gowten, via Bleeding Green Nation

This headline might be slightly alarming, but it should be noted that it’s not a 100% guarantee that he comes back to Philly next year. Adam Caplan noted that Maclin switched agents recently, away from one who had very good relations with the Eagles. That’s not to say his new agent has a bad relationship with the Eagles, but it’s just not as strong. It may take a little longer to reel him in than fans and the team hoped.


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