Who will the Eagles draft today? Your guess is as good as mine

It’s already pretty clear that this year’s draft is going to be one of the most exciting ones that I can remember. Even the top draft experts basically have no idea who is going to get drafted to which teams, and many teams might trade up and down to mess up people’s predictions. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see multiple teams trade up to get into the top 10. As most of the first round picks in this year’s draft, the Eagles’ pick is not even close to set in stone. But, there are still many names that they’ve shown interest in who they could end up taking here are just a few, mainly ones who I’d actually want them  to take.

S Calvin Pryor, Louisville

There’s no question that the Eagles are interested in another safety, and it’s almost a sure bet that they’ll draft one. Where exactly in the draft they’re going to do that is the big question. Many mock drafts from Eagles beat reporters and official draft experts have the Eagles going safety with their first round pick, which is 22nd overall. Calvin Pryor is a top target and would be a huge addition to their secondary, joining Malcolm Jenkins as likely starters. But, GM Howie Roseman has recently called the safeties in the draft “not a good overall group,” suggesting that maybe they won’t use their top pick on someone like Pryor. He’s likely going to be around by their pick, but it’ll be interesting to see if they pull the trigger. NFL Network’s Mike Mayock said that he doesn’t fit the Eagles defensive scheme, but then again, he also had the Cowboys drafting Johnny Manziel, so what does he know. Either way, I’d be glad to see them take Pryor.

WR Brandin Cooks, Oregon State

As Pryor seems to be falling away as the likely pick for the Eagles, Cooks continues to move up in their minds. After losing DeSean Jackson and Jason Avant, they’re going to need another receiver to complement Jeremy Maclin and Riley Cooper. Cooks is extremely fast and about the size of Jackson, meaning he could be a nice fill-in at slot receiver. I would love this pick, but it’s unclear if he’ll be available all the way down at 22. If he is though and Pryor is there too, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them take Cooks first. There are a couple other WRs that they could go after such as Indiana’s Cody Latimer, USC’s Marquise Lee, or Penn State’s Allen Robinson, but they might not want to reach for any of  these guys at 22. If Cooks is there, I think they should grab him.

S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Alabama

The Eagles have shown a lot of interest in Clinton-Dix, and he has even shown interest in getting drafted by the Eagles, but it’s unlikely he’ll be available at 22. The Eagles could always trade up to get him, but considering that Pryor could still be left when they get on the clock, it seems risky to trade up for him. Clinton-Dix could go anywhere within a 15 pick range from 10-25 in my opinion, making it almost impossible to determine exactly how high they’d have to trade up. They don’t have a ton of picks though, so the likelihood of them trading up in any of the rounds is slim. They do have some possible guys they could use as trade bait such as LB Trent Cole and RB Bryce Brown, but even both of them probably wouldn’t be enough to trade up in the first round. Clinton-Dix would be a nice snag, but he’s probably a bit too high on other team’s boards for the Eagles to have a realistic chance at getting him.

CB Kyle Fuller, Virginia Tech

Everyone has now been talking about how the Eagles “love” Fuller, but the likelihood of him being available for the Eagles to take at 22 is about the same as Clinton-Dix. It would make a fair amount of sense for the Eagles to take a CB in this draft, but probably not in the first round. A second or third round pick would be a better place for them since they already have Cary Williams, Bradley Fletcher, and Nolan Carroll as their top three guys. Of course, if the Eagles were to take Fuller or another CB high up in the draft, Williams would likely be on his way out since he has a cap hit of $6.42 million this season. It wouldn’t save them any cap space to get rid of him this year, but paying that guy that much in principle is wrong if they wouldn’t even play him that much. Fletcher is also getting $3.65 million and has no dead money, so he could be released or traded too, but who knows. I’m getting ahead of myself. As for Fuller, it seems less likely than the other guys here, but I wouldn’t be upset if they got him.

I’m no draft expert, but even the experts have no way of predicting most of the draft. So basically that puts everyone on the same level. The mass amount of misinformation makes it literally impossible to determine every team’s exact interests, and those interests could easily change pick by pick as the draft happens. As for the actual experts though, here’s who they have the Eagles taking first round:

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