Why the Eagles can beat the Saints this Saturday

The Saints may have a better record going into this Saturday’s game, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re the better team. The Eagles have had an amazing season compared to what they were expected to do. I’m just happy that they got to the playoffs, but I know that they have a really good shot at the Saints this weekend. Here are the many reasons why the Eagles have a great chance at winning.

The Eagles have a better offense

The Saints offense has been high-powered ever since they got Drew Brees at QB, but that doesn’t mean they’re automatically better than the Eagles offense. Yes, the Saints may have the 4th best offense (in terms of yards) in the league this year, averaging just under 400 yards per game. But, the Eagles are 2nd in that category, averaging 417.3 YPG, an astounding number. Everyone says that you have to be able to run the ball to win, right? Well, that explains the Eagles success; they are number one in rushing yards per game by a longshot, and the Saints are 25th, averaging less than 100 per game. Oh, and the Eagles even average more points per game. The Eagles score on average 27.6 PPG, while the Saints only score 25.9 PPG.

The Eagles have the best RB in the league

People seriously underestimate the impact that RB LeSean McCoy has on the Eagles offense. People have been raving about Nick Foles’ performance this year, but McCoy is putting up career numbers and finished the season with 1607 rushing yards, winning the rushing title by more than 250 yards. He also set a franchise record for most yards from scrimmage in a season, surpassing well over 2000. Those stats are scary, and the Saints should be scared. If the Eagles feed him the ball, he will have no problem running all over the Saints D.

The Eagles have a better pass rush

Nick Foles struggles much more when he’s under a lot of pressure as shown by the way the Cowboys affected his play in both games this season. But, New Orleans is only tied for 23rd in the league in sacks this season, meaning the Eagles may be able to block them better. They also have one of the most talented offensive lines in the league and should be able to block them pretty well. The Eagles on the other hand have recorded 46 sacks this season, averaging just under 3 sacks per game. This is enough to finish 8th in the league. Drew Brees should watch out.

The Saints are only 3-5 on the road

The Saints may be 8-0 at home this season, but they are a totally different team this year. Remember, the Saints showed their weakness when they had to go on the road to Seattle a few years ago and lost in the first round despite the Seahawks finishing the regular season with a 7-9 record. The Saints are very beatable when they’re away. While they managed to beat the Cardinals, 49ers, and Panthers at home, they lost to teams like the Jets, Falcons, and Rams while on the road. All of those teams are far worse than the Eagles. The Eagles may not have the greatest home record at only 4-4, but I think they still have the advantage here.

This will definitely be a great game to watch regardless of these reasons, but the main point is that the Eagles shouldn’t be ruled out just because they have a worse record and don’t have the name value attached to their team. The Eagles love to fight, and they will be fighting all game to stay in the playoffs.

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3 Responses to Why the Eagles can beat the Saints this Saturday

  1. beetwotees says:

    good points but saints defence better n brees has more weapons

    • austinv56 says:

      You could argue that Foles has just as many weapons, and more dangerous ones in McCoy, Jackson, Cooper, Celek, Ertz, etc. Either way it’ll likely be a high-scoring game.