2014 NFL Playoff results: Wild Card Round

This weekend produced an excellent group of NFL games that proved just how exciting playoff football can be. We saw a 28 point comeback, two game-winning FGs, and a “weak” 6th seed dismantle an AFC favorite. The lower seed won 3 of the 4 games, which just further proves how unimportant seeding and records become when the playoffs come. Records were being broken left and right and it created a wonderful four games of football. … Continue reading

2014 NFL Playoff Predictions: Wild Card Round

The Wild Card Round of the NFL playoffs for this year is approaching, which means it’s time for the obligatory predictions. These games should be pretty competitive as there doesn’t seem like any game that would be a big mismatch. That being said, it’s always possible that one team could end up crushing the other. It should be a good weekend of football. NFC (6) New Orleans Saints vs. (3) Philadelphia Eagles As I already … Continue reading

Social media in the NFL

Social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook clearly have had a strong effect on the National Football League (NFL), and this effect seems to be constantly increasing. Almost all players and teams have accounts that they update regularly. The teams all spend lots of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars each year trying to get their fans to come to their games, interact with the team, and ultimately, make themselves a profit. Marketing … Continue reading

Do NFL QBs Really Deserve Their Contracts? (2013)

It seems that every time another quarterback gets a new contract or some sort of extension, the idea is to beat out the last person’s deal and have something included in the contract that screams “first time ever” or “biggest in NFL history.” These deals will only continue too as long as the salary cap goes up. But regarding the salary cap, it seems like some teams are getting away with minimal cap hits for … Continue reading

Will Carmelo Anthony be able to corral a super-team?

The 2013-2014 season hasn’t even started yet and people are already talking about what kind of super-teams can be formed for the following season. So I thought, what the heck, why not join in with the discussion? One of the more interesting topics is what Knicks star Carmelo Anthony will do next season. There have been rumors all over the place, some saying that he will go join the Lakers with Kobe. The Knicks have … Continue reading

NFL shakes up Pro Bowl

It was obvious that something needed to change with the NFL Pro Bowl, but nobody really knew how they would change it. Some people wanted the league to scrap the game completely because of its poor ratings and lack of enthusiasm from the fans, but that is not at all what they chose to do. I personally think the game is quite boring nowadays because of the fact that so many players choose not to … Continue reading

Bynum comes to Cavaliers, is LeBron James next?

Andrew Bynum couldn’t miss another entire season could he? Is that even possible? Oh wait, Greg Oden did it. And with the way Bynum’s knees seem to be at this point, $12 million is certainly a big gamble even though only half of it is guaranteed. It’s certainly a lot less than the $20+ million he earned last year for doing basically nothing, but it doesn’t come without its risks. But one has to question: … Continue reading

Dwight Howard shopping for a new home

Even though Howard put up really solid numbers for the Lakers this past season, they clearly didn’t accomplish what they wanted and are possibly looking to switch things around. Since the deal was only for one year, he is currently a free agent and searching for a new team for which to play. What seems surprising though is that the Lakers are still one of the teams on his radar even though there seemed to … Continue reading