Hinkie is busy during trade deadline, moves Hawes and Turner

Anybody who’s honestly surprised at the trading of Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes just doesn’t understand GM Sam Hinkie. They were sitting in a small stage above mediocrity and were not a part of the future of their franchise. While the stats for those guys might look good at times, it’s mainly a product of their large amount of minutes they play each game, not their actual skill. They’re two of the most inconsistent players in the league and will constantly frustrate fans and coaches. Sure, they have a lot of talent, but they’re just not the players that a franchise can be built around.

Sure, now the Sixers will have to replace their top scorer and rebounder, but someone else will just have to step up. The offense will now be focused more on Thad Young and Michael Carter-Williams, and the addition of Danny Granger will provide good veteran leadership for at least the rest of the season (more on him later). Maybe this will allow Tony Wroten to take more shots, who has been one of the few bright spots of this season. And since they won’t have a center who shoots a lot (yes Byron Mullens, please don’t shoot), other guys will be able to show themselves and prove whether or not they should be a part of their team next year.

Yes, this season has been totally thrown out the window with this move and will probably be even more painful to watch than usual with even less talent out on the court. But, it will allow other people to shine instead. Or maybe no one will shine and they’ll just lose every game by 40. It’s not like they don’t know how to do that…

Anyway, the lineup now looks like this: C Byron Mullens, PF Thad Young, SF Danny Granger, SG James Anderson, PG Michael Carter-Williams. That’s not exactly a lineup that screams winning, but that’s the point. They’ll suffer this year and be a lot better next year when they have Noel back and a bunch of new rookies. Believe me, with the roster they could have next year, they could be a scary young team.

Since Allen and Hawes both had expiring contracts, they were bound to leave anyway. Turner had a qualifying offer, but he was going to be traded anyway. The only real guy with an expiring contract on their team now is Anderson, and hopefully they let him go too (now that Allen is gone, you’re my new least favorite player). Granger has an expiring contract as well and will probably be gone, especially since he’s making just over $14 million this year, far more than he’s worth. Mullens has a player option for next year, but with Noel coming back, I couldn’t care less if he stayed around. I mean I guess he can stay since they’ll need a backup center, but that’s all he’ll be.

While the Sixers had to give up one of the 2nd round picks to get Mullens, they’re still in possession of lots of picks in next year’s draft and the drafts after that. They’re in a really good position to build a team that can win games the way Hinkie wants. I fully support his moves at this point and hope the end of this season isn’t too painful.

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