Sixers get destroyed in one of worst losses in team history

That was one of the most embarrassing games in the history of the Philadelphia 76ers. It’s normal to see them down 10 points by the end of the first quarter, but the gap was far larger than that after the Clippers exploded for 46 points in the first quarter, putting them up by 31. A 31 point lead after 12 minutes of basketball?? What the heck are the Sixers doing? The Clippers may be a top team in the West, but this better serve as a wake-up call for Brett Brown and the Sixers team because this performance was just pathetic. There was very little positive to take out of the game, but I’ll try to find it.

But first we have to start with the negatives. The 31 point lead after one quarter clearly set the tone for the rest of the game- they lead by 39 at the end of the half and had held the Sixers to just 30 points. Think about that: their lead was larger than the amount of points the Sixers had even scored, and half the game was already over! The Sixers couldn’t seem to score anything, finishing the game with a shooting percentage of 27%. They also made only 10.7% of 3-pointers, attempting 28 but only making 3. Maybe they should’ve stopped if they were doing so poorly from three? It’s not like the rim was too small or something and the ball couldn’t go in (yes, that’s a joke, that can’t actually happen) because the Clippers managed to shoot 56.2% in the game. Nearly 30% better than the Sixers! Oh boy…it’s hard to even think about how bad they played.

The Clippers out-rebounded the Sixers 59-44 behind DeAndre Jordan’s 20 boards, but on the defensive glass it was even worse. The Clippers doubled the Sixers in defensive rebounds (48-24) as well as in assists (33-16). Four of the Sixers five starters had a plus-minus of below -40, which is just plain horrible. Michael Carter-Williams, who has been struggling mightily recently, finished the game with 8 turnovers. Spencer Hawes missed all 8 of this FG attempts. And by the end, the Sixers lost the game by 45. What the heck were they doing?

This game was highlighted by the return of Chris Paul, who only put up 7 points and 8 assists. By the end of the game, no one was talking about him coming back. Everyone was talking about how the Clippers won their most lopsided game in franchise history. The only reason the Sixers scored as many points as they did was because the Clippers were going deep into their bench, even giving time to Hedo Turkoglu and Sasha Vujacic, among other washed up veterans.

Going back to the Sixers, their shooting performance was just atrocious. Thad Young was 7/17, Evan Turner was 1/8, Carter-Williams was 5/18, Lavoy Allen was 2/10, and Elliot Williams was 2/8. Lorenzo Brown and James Anderson were also each 1/6. Those collective shooting travesties cannot all occur on the same night; but since they did, it proves how much worse the Sixers are than other teams. Tony Wroten was the only Sixer that actually showed up, going 7/11 for 21 points and 3 steals. But he was only one of three Sixers to get into double figures, and they ultimately failed to do anything positive beyond Wroten’s point total.

This game puts them on a 6 game losing streak, going 3-16 in the last 19 games. That is historically bad, nearly as bad as the way the Bobcats played in their NBA history-worst season. Lucky for them, they have the All-Star break to use as a way to recover from their awfulness, but what scares me is that their next game is against the Warriors, another top team in the West. The sad part is that the Sixers aren’t tanking, they’re trying their hardest. They have big problems with their team, but they’re not going to be solved any time soon…

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2 Responses to Sixers get destroyed in one of worst losses in team history

  1. Is there an answer? New coach or new roster?

    • austinv56 says:

      Well the coach is new this year so I don’t think that’s the problem. Their roster is missing a star, and they’ll likely fix that in this years draft