Sixers’ Las Vegas Summer League roster: 15 new names

After winning the championship and going 4-1 overall in the Orlando Summer League, the Sixers move onto the Las Vegas Summer League with hopes to fare in a similar fashion. Believe me, they’re not trying to win a championship, they’re just trying to get a look at a bunch of new guys. If they win in the process, then great for them. But it’s not really a necessity. 15 members of the roster for this section of summer league play will be different than in the Orlando league, and it’s likely that it means no more Nerlens Noel for us. Oh well, I guess we’ll have to wait till preseason for that. There still might be some familiar names if you keep up with the Sixers enough, and if not, then you probably don’t even care about the summer league. Here’s who’s on their roster and a little bit about each player:

PF Brandon Davies

Yup, Brandon Davies is the headline name to this roster. Well, at least he’s probably one of the more likely names for fans to have heard of. He played for the Sixers last year in his rookie year and was mainly a reserve player, putting up 2.8 PPG, 2.1 RPG, and an abysmal PER of 7.49. I really don’t see a need to bring him back for next year, even if he gets better. There are more talented players out there than an average guy like Davies.

SG Adonis Thomas

Thomas is the other guy that played for the Sixers last year that will be getting a chance to play for them in the Las Vegas Summer League. Thomas was also rather sub-par though, putting up similar numbers to Davies with 2.3 PPG, 0.5 RPG, and 0.5 APG. He also had a terrible PER of 7.35. Thomas may be remembered for starting the final game of the season last year, but only playing like 5 minutes before getting hurt.

C Garrick Sherman

Sherman played last year with Notre Dame, posting very impressive numbers as a senior. He averaged 13.5 PPG and 7.3 RPG in his senior year. He began his college career with Michigan State, but transferred after his freshman year, playing two years for the Fighting Irish.

PG Scottie Wilbekin

Wilbekin is a tiny little point guard from Florida, who was one of their best players last year and probably one of the more widely well-known players on this list. Last year, he averaged 13.1 PPG and 3.6 APG, as well as 2.1 3-pointers a game. He’s probably not big enough yet to even be considered for an NBA roster spot, but maybe he’ll prove people wrong here. He certainly has talent.

PG/SG Devon Saddler

Saddler is another rather short guard at just 6’2″ but weighs about 50 pounds more than Wilbekin. He’s a semi-local product coming from University of Delaware where he played big minutes in all four years with them. In his senior year, he averaged an impressive 19.7 PPG, 4.3 RPG, and 3.6 APG. He doesn’t translate to a specific guard position, but that flexibility might give him more chances to see the court.

SG/SF Elijah Millsap

Yes, Elijah is the younger brother of Paul Millsap, who is currently a star PF for the Hawks. Of course, Elijah isn’t quite as talented as him, but he’s played pretty well in the D-League the past few years. He’s also had some stints across the ocean in other countries. He’s no all-star, but he’s got some experience that many of these rookies don’t have.

G Tyreek Duren

Duren is the definition of a local product, attending La Salle and hailing from Philadelphia. That’s likely the main reason why he was given a look here, but he had a solid season last year as a senior, averaging 15.2 PPG, 3.4 RPG, and 3.5 APG. He probably won’t get a ton of minutes, but hopefully he’ll get enough to see if he can play with people coming from bigger schools.

G Tim Frazier

Frazier is yet another local guard, this one coming from Penn State. He’s also a very small player and might not be big enough to make it, but he had impressive scoring, rebounding, and assist numbers in his three years as a starter at PSU. He could be a pretty solid guy out there.

PF Drew Gordon

Gordon went undrafted in the 2012 draft and proceeded to play some basketball all over the place, including Serbia, Italy, and Turkey. Now coming back to the US for a chance to get to the NBA, he will play his second stint in the Summer League after playing for the Mavericks back in 2012.

G Elijah Johnson

Johnson is not straight out of college, but he does come from a big name college in Kansas, so he knows what competitive basketball means. He wasn’t exactly much of a scorer in college, but he contributed elsewhere with assists and rebounds. Unfortunately, I don’t expect him to play much during this summer league stint.

PF Jamelle Hagins

Hagins was actually supposed to be on the roster for the Orlando league, but he didn’t appear in a game. Copying part of what I said in my short bio about him before, he played in the D-League for 22 games last year, as well as 9 games in France. A Delaware product, he averaged a double double in his last year of college. In the D-League last year, he was less successful and was seen as more of a backup, averaging 5.5 PPG and 4.2 RPG.

SG Sean Kilpatrick

Kilpatrick, who played college ball at Cincinnati, is a real scorer. He dominated in his first Las Vegas game proved that he can shoot from anywhere. After averaging 14.9 PPG and 2.7 treys in his senior year, he’s already looking like a candidate for their real roster.

F Rahlir Hollis-Jefferson

Hollis-Jefferson hails from Chester, PA and played basketball at Temple, but his last basketball outing was all the way out in Luxembourg. He was a pretty solid player at Temple, although he didn’t exactly stuff the stat sheet with points and rebounds. His height suggests that he’s more of a SF, but he’ll need to score more if he wants to play.

SG Jordan McRae

The Sixers traded for McRae as soon as he was drafted this year by the Spurs. He was taken deep in the 2nd round, but McRae is another heavy possibility for their roster this coming year. He doesn’t exactly total a lot of assists, but he can pour in the points when needed, which is exactly what he did at Tennessee last year.

C Mouphtaou Yarou

Yarou seems to average a double double no matter where he goes, and it would be awesome if he continued that trend in the summer league. While it’s not exactly the most likely thing, he’s had a year in other countries to play and hone his skills before giving the NBA a real shot.

Jerami Grant also saw time in the first Las Vegas game, and K.J. McDaniels, Noel, and Casper Ware were all listed in the box score, but none of them played. My guess is they probably won’t play at all, but I guess it hasn’t been completely ruled out. The Sixers got a win in their first game of the Las Vegas league over the Jazz, but the foul totals were tremendously high. If they can get those down, they’ll continue to have success in this league.

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