Summer Sixers Recap: Philadelphia finishes 1-2 in Utah

It may be the middle of the summer, but #SummerSixers were in full force this past week or so, finishing up their three-game stretch in the Utah Summer League. After falling to the host Jazz team last night, 84-78 in overtime, they will now look to focus on the most important part of summer league: Las Vegas. But, before they move into that, let’s recap a bit and give an overview and analysis of how … Continue reading

Sixers fall to Spurs in Utah Summer League opener

Most Sixers fans only turned on the TV Monday night to watch Jahlil Okafor play his first game as a member of the team. They were likely not disappointed. Okafor put up 20 points, nine rebounds and two blocks on the night, but it still wasn’t enough to take down the Spurs in Salt Lake City. He had a bit of a rough start, going 3/11 in the first half, but he bounced back with … Continue reading

Sixers’ Summer League Championship run ends with loss to Bulls

They were doing so well…why’d it have to end? I guess all good things have to come to an end at some point. After losing last night to the Bulls by a score of 79-68, they will be unable to defend their Summer League Championship that they won in Orlando one week ago. But one championship is enough for now, and definitely a step in the right direction. They have to let other teams win … Continue reading

Sixers’ Las Vegas Summer League roster: 15 new names

After winning the championship and going 4-1 overall in the Orlando Summer League, the Sixers move onto the Las Vegas Summer League with hopes to fare in a similar fashion. Believe me, they’re not trying to win a championship, they’re just trying to get a look at a bunch of new guys. If they win in the process, then great for them. But it’s not really a necessity. 15 members of the roster for this section … Continue reading

Sixers win Orlando Summer League Championship

The championships have already begun to pour in for the Sixers. Ok, so it was just one summer league championship, but it still counts somewhere. The Sixers finished the Orlando Summer League with a 4-1 record and a league-high 29 points. Their championship win came over the Grizzlies decisively by a score of 91-75. Their only loss came in their first game against the hometown Magic by just a 6 point margin. Not bad at … Continue reading

Sixers announce Orlando Summer League roster

With the NBA Draft in the books, the Sixers look to move onto the next stage of the offseason: summer league basketball. There will be two sessions of summer league play, with the first occurring in Orlando. The Orlando Summer League will last from July 5-11, and the Sixers will be guaranteed four games with a chance at a fifth if they make the championship. The first three games will be televised, and their opponents … Continue reading

Summer League struggles for Sixers

It shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise that the Sixers finished with a near-worst 1-4 record following the NBA Summer League in Orlando. Even though their roster is thin, they didn’t have any of their top guys playing, with the leader being rookie Michael Carter-Williams, a guy who clearly has a lot of work to do before he becomes a legitimate starting point guard. Arnett Moultrie and Khalif Wyatt were probably the two … Continue reading

Sixers still without coach after Summer League

It baffles me that the Sixers still have not selected a coach. They went from basically “having” Brett Brown, the former Spurs assistant, as their head coach to still in the process of interviewing back to the idea that Brown was now the favorite again. Whatever they’re doing, they really need to figure it out soon or next season will be even more of a disaster, and I didn’t think that could possibly happen. But … Continue reading