Sixers still without coach after Summer League

It baffles me that the Sixers still have not selected a coach. They went from basically “having” Brett Brown, the former Spurs assistant, as their head coach to still in the process of interviewing back to the idea that Brown was now the favorite again. Whatever they’re doing, they really need to figure it out soon or next season will be even more of a disaster, and I didn’t think that could possibly happen. But if they’re going into full-on tank mode, then why not just skip the whole head coach idea? Okay, I’m kidding…sort of…

Anyway, all jokes aside, they need a head coach that will be able to lead this young team into the future. Not an interim coach that will last one year and then be fired, but a guy who will be committed to the organization and willing to stay through bad times. And believe me, it’s looking like there are going to be some bad times coming up. Is Brett Brown that guy? They seem to be closest to hiring him even though they obviously haven’t committed to anyone thus far. They’ve also apparently contacted and talked with other possible coaches such as Heat assistant David Fizdale, Nuggets assistant Melvin Hunt, Bulls assistants Ed Pinckney and Adrian Griffin, and Celtics assistant Jay Larranaga. That’s a lot of possible candidates.

And there’s also been a lot of talk over the possibility of hiring current Sixers assistant Michael Curry as the head coach for next season. This would seem like a good move since he’s already in the organization and has worked with a lot of the players already on the roster. And he’s the only name in this list that has previous head coaching experience at the NBA level. Every single other guy is an assistant coach, and that’s the highest position he’s ever held. It may be wise to go with a guy who already knows what he’s doing instead of having a brand new coach with a brand new team.

New GM Sam Hinkie has apparently shortened this list down to just Brown and Curry, with a final decision coming soon. But why did it take so long? Some say that they were just trying to interview as many people as possible to get inside information about other teams. This seems sneaky, but it’s a little too sneaky for me. My guess is the job will go to Curry, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Brown as the assistant coach. That’s just a wish though, as there have been no indications that Brown would be hired as an assistant. I’ll keep my hopes up for this since there will soon be nothing to hope for regarding this team.

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