Eagles additions and subtractions: tracking all the players the team has brought in and let go

There’s absolutely no doubt that this offseason has been one of the craziest in Eagles history. Chip Kelly was given the reins at the beginning of the offseason to essentially do whatever he wants, and he’s doing exactly that. He’s getting rid of players that were the key players of the Andy Reid Era and finding a new group of guys that are “perfect fits” for his system, no matter what position. No player on the roster was safe. Unless you went to Oregon (just kidding, not even that will help you enough to stay on the roster).

They have made so many moves this offseason that it’s hard to even comprehend what has happened to this roster. It has taken a little while to fully digest all the changes that have been made. Here, I will track all the players the Eagles have added, all the players they’ve re-signed and all the players they’ve let go. Here they are:

Players they re-signed

Players they acquired

Players they let go

I think that covers everyone for each list, although it’s possible I missed someone because of how many players have come and gone in the past couple of weeks. Just to note, I listed guys like Matthews, Maehl and Fletcher as players they let go because it doesn’t seem like the Eagles have any interest in re-signing any of those guys. It’s always possible they could bring one of them back, but it seems unlikely at this point considering none of them played exceptionally well last year.

All these moves is a lot to take in. It seems more like a Madden offseason than an actual one, as many people have pointed out. I would be pretty surprised if Kelly didn’t make more moves after this either. I’m sure that something is going down on draft day that will blow up the roster once again. The Eagles also made it clear that G Evan Mathis is on the trading block. The move would save the team a fair amount of cap space if they were to trade him, although he’s one of the best guards in the league still so it would seem counter-productive to get rid of him. It would also require them to replace both starting guards in the same offseason, which is no easy feat.

Even though looking at the list of guys they let go is a list of a lot of very good to great players, they no doubt added a lot of talented players. Maxwell should be a very solid starting cornerback next year and when healthy, Alonso could go back to being a stud inside linebacker. It’s still unclear what the final situation for quarterback will be, but considering what the Eagles gave up for Bradford, it seems like they might have brought him in for good. They also added a pair of talented, albeit injury-prone, running backs in Mathews and Murray. Murray won the rushing title by a landslide last year, but his durability could be an issue, especially coming off a 390+ carry season. Mathews also has had his fair share of injuries over the years, so I expect them to need both guys in the game a lot in case the other is injured.

Overall, some moves I agree with and others I still definitely disagree with. Trading Foles and multiple picks to get an injured, under-performing quarterback seems a little questionable. I also really question what their plan is for wide receiver after letting Maclin walk. He was a huge part of their offensive production next year and will be hard to replace. There’s no doubt the Eagles could be a very talented team next year, but the newly acquired players will have to stay healthy in order to make that success happen.


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