Links of the week: assessing the state of the Eagles roster

The craziness of free agency has passed, and now the smoke has settled. The Eagles are left with a much different roster already than last year, and I expect more moves to be made during the draft. To be honest, I’m not really sure if the roster has gotten better since the beginning of the offseason, but nonetheless, it’s important to assess where the Eagles are in terms of their roster. Here are some links from the past week and what people are talking about:

1. Talking football with new Rams quarterback Nick Foles

By Jenny Vrentas, via MMQB

The headline doesn’t give it away, but the interview brings to light that Foles did not see it coming when he was traded to the Rams. Whether that meant he wasn’t expecting to end up in St. Louis or that he genuinely didn’t think he’d be traded is a bit unclear, but if it’s the latter, I’d be surprised. There have been trade rumors floating around for the past couple of months regarding Foles, so it’s not like this was totally out of the blue. While I’m not a fan of how the trade actually worked out, him being traded seemed like a given. Why he was so thrown off by it is confusing, but it does shed some light on Chip Kelly’s offseason style that no one is safe.

2. All-22: What to expect from Sam Bradford

By Sheil Kapadia, via Philly Mag

As usual, quarterback is still one of the biggest questions regarding the Eagles’ roster at this point. They sent Foles to St. Louis and got Sam Bradford in return, but I’m not sure that’s exactly an upgrade. I still expect them to target the position in the draft, although it seems like a secret who exactly they’d go after since they’re saying Marcus Mariota isn’t worth trading up for. This article goes into the good and bad of Bradford, because there’s still a very real chance that he ends up as the Eagles’ starting quarterback at the beginning of the 2015 season.

3. Here’s how the Eagles are going to get Marcus Mariota

By Jimmy Kempski, via Philly Voice

Buuuuuuut, it doesn’t mean Mariota is actually out of the question. And what would a week of Eagles football be without some more rumors about them landing the Oregon quarterback? Kempski outlines a situation in which the Eagles could still trade up to get him, which I agree, is not out of the picture yet. It’s becoming more and more interesting though as Mariota’s stock begins to drop. Is it possible they wouldn’t even have to trade up for him? Maybe not, but you never know.

4. Will the Eagles trade Mychal Kendricks?

By Eliot Shorr-Parks, via

It makes me uneasy to think about it, but there is definitely a chance that the Eagles could trade Kendricks before the end of the season. After trading for Kiko Alonso, deciding that they’re going to keep DeMeco Ryans, and getting back Najee Goode from an injury last year, they see themselves with a lot of talent at the inside linebacker position. Kendricks is a great player, but like some of these other guys that Kelly has parted ways with, he’s not the prototypical size for a linebacker. He may just be a bit too small for Kelly’s liking. It seems strange that size would make that much of an impact on a decision considering how well he’s played, but it still remains a possibility.

5. Eagles sign Bryan Braman to contract extension, save cap space

By Brandon Lee Gowten, via Bleeding Green Nation

It was a small move, but the Eagles decided to add another year to Braman’s contract so that he’d be with the team through 2016. The move was a good one though as he was an important part of the great special teams unit that the Eagles had last year. He’s unlikely to ever make it on the field on defense unless they suffer from lots of injuries, but his special teams abilities are enough to warrant keeping him around. The move saved them just under $500,000 in cap space this year.


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