Looking back at Eagles drafts: Ranking the third round picks of Andy Reid era

After looking back and analyzing the first and second round picks during all the Eagles drafts between 1999-2012, I now move on to the third round picks. I won’t be looking at any other individual round, as there are too many picks between rounds 4-7. In review, the first round picks during this time period were actually better than I had remembered, but the second round picks were pretty bad overall. Here are some notes on the third round picks:

Important Notes

-Total third round picks: 13 (6 offense, 7 defense)
-Years without a third round pick: 2000, 2009
-Years with multiple third round picks: 2007
-Players remaining on team: 0

1. RB Brian Westbrook (2002)

Westbrook had by far the best career among anyone Reid picked in the third round. In fact, he probably had a better career than every other third round pick combined. In what was actually a very strong draft for Reid in 2002, Westbrook was the fourth Eagle taken. He had a long, great career with Philly, finishing with close to 10,000 total yards from scrimmage and endless touchdowns. He was even a top punt returner in 2003, and was a Pro Bowler twice. He surpassed 2,000 yards from scrimmage in the 2007 season alone. You really can’t get much better of a third round pick than that.

2. QB Nick Foles (2012)

Who knows that Foles could have been had he been with the team longer, but he should best be remembered for his 2013 season, where he threw 27 touchdowns and just two interceptions. He struggled a bit in 2012 and 2014, but he also dealt with injuries and being thrown in at poor times (in 2012) that prevented him from really building momentum. After never starting a full season, it was hard to see what his true potential was, but current coach Chip Kelly believed he wasn’t a good fit and he was traded. Still, his 27/2 season was better than pretty much any season from a player on this list.

3. LB Stewart Bradley (2007)

It’s kind of sad that Bradley is the third guy on this list. He wasn’t bad, but his Eagles career was short and filled with injuries. He was the team’s starting middle linebacker for two seasons though, recording 86 tackles in 2008, which is pretty impressive. His injuries and ineffective play was his eventual downfall though, and he was released after his rookie contract expired.

4. DE Derrick Burgess (2001)

As I mentioned a few days ago, Burgess went on to be a great player for a few seasons in Oakland, but struggled to get anything going in Philadelphia. Like Bradley, he missed a lot of time due to injuries, sitting out essentially all of the 2002 and 2003 seasons. He did have a nice rookie season with six sacks in only four starts, but once he returned from the two long injuries, he wasn’t effective enough and was released. Of course, he went on to lead the league in sacks the next year with the Raiders, but that doesn’t count.

5. LB Chris Gocong (2006)

Gocong was a pretty average player while he lasted on the Eagles, which was only for three seasons. He finished with only 129 tackles and four sacks despite starting at outside linebacker for all three years. He was eventually traded to the Browns when they realized he was nothing special.

6. G Doug Brzezinski (1999)

Brzezinski wasn’t very good, although the fact that he was a primary starter for a year is enough to put him this high on the list. Yeah, this group of guys is that bad. Once his rookie deal expired, he unsurprisingly wasn’t resigned.

7. RB Ryan Moats (2005)

Moats wasn’t very good and never really had a chance to play with so many other better running backs on the roster. He did have one 100+ yard game, but he finished his Eagles career with just 347 yards and three touchdowns after missing all of the 2007 season.

8. CB Matt Ware (2004)

Ware really didn’t do much in the two years he was with the Eagles, except for returning a blocked field goal for a touchdown to win the game against the Chargers in 2005. That was an amazing play. Beyond that, he was deep in the depth chart for cornerbacks and didn’t earn many snaps, finishing with just 27 tackles and no interceptions.

9. RB Tony Hunt (2007)

You just don’t pick a fullback in the third round. It makes no sense. It’s like taking a kicker in the fourth round (which Reid actually did). In one and a half seasons, he had 67 total yards and two touchdowns. He was released in the middle of the 2008 season.

10. WR Billy McMullen (2003)

McMullen was really bad, and he didn’t get a chance to play much even with how bad the wide receivers were on the roster at that time. In three years, he finished with 294 yards and a touchdown. That’s less than 100 yards per season. So yeah, he was terrible.

11. CB Curtis Marsh (2011)

I rated Marsh lower because of how he kept getting on the field and screwing up. His performance in last year’s preseason was maddening. He is probably the worst cornerback I’ve ever seen wear an Eagles jersey, and that’s saying a lot with guys like Roc Carmichael also there. He somehow found time in 22 games in his first two years, but only had 13 tackles and no interceptions. They released him, then re-signed him! Why? Why? Luckily, he continued to prove how bad he was, and he was released again. Hopefully he never plays for the Eagles again.

12. DE Daniel Te’o-Nesheim (2010)

It is truly painful to think about how some of these guys were third round picks. Te’o-Nesheim had just two tackles and a sack in six games as a rookie before being released. He was brought back to the practice squad the next year, and for some reason, the Tampa Bay picked him up. That ended his very short Eagles career.

13. LB Bryan Smith (2008)

Smith is definitely one of the worst picks in Andy Reid history. Yes, one of the worst. You might be thinking, how could he be worse than some of the aforementioned guys? Well, Smith was so bad that he didn’t even play his rookie season, then was released before the 2009 season. Yes, you heard that right. A third round pick was released after one season of being inactive for every single game. What. A. Waste.

While only six of the 19 second round picks were quality players, I’d say only two of the 13 players here are of actual value. The rest were really bad, and some were so bad that it’s hard to actually put it into words. This list is far worse than the list of second round picks, and it should be clearer and clearer why the Eagles couldn’t get to the next level while Reid was coach: they never built through the draft. Zero guys from this list remain on the team, but I’m actually happy to know that. I wouldn’t want most of these guys even close to the Eagles anymore.


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