Looking back at Eagles draft classes: 2005 draft

The 2006 draft was nothing to write home about, and actually, was one of Reid’s weaker drafts among his series of already bad drafts. I now move on to the 2005 draft, which featured more picks than usual and actually a few talented players that stuck around on the team. Here is some quick info:

Important notes

Total picks: 11 (5 offense, 6 defense)
Notable picks: Mike Patterson, Todd Herremans, Trent Cole
Players remaining on team: 0

1. DT Mike Patterson

It is very rare to compliment a first round pick that Andy Reid made, but Patterson was one of them. He’s no Hall of Famer or anything, but he had a very solid, long career in Philly, starting 99 of 115 games he played in over eight years with the team. Now that’s what you want to see out of a top pick in the draft, No. 31 overall much less. He finished with 255 tackles and 16.5 sacks, as well as four forced fumbles and eight fumble recoveries. He was a regular starting defensive tackle from 2006-2011. He also has the famous 98-yard fumble recovery for a touchdown, the longest in team history. It was absolutely hilarious to see a 300-pound player run almost the entire length of the field. After the 2011 season he had brain surgery and only played in five games in 2012 before being released at the end of the year. Still though, he had a very good career with the team.

2. WR Reggie Brown

When will we ever see Reid string together multiple good picks in a row? It certainly didn’t come here. Brown actually had three solid seasons with the team, leading rookies in receiving yards in 2005 and surpassing 750 yards the next two years. Then he dealt with some injury problems and had trouble staying high on the depth chart. With the addition of guys like DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and Jason Avant, Brown was doomed and did very little his final two years with the team. Despite signing a huge extension in 2006 that would’ve kept him with the team until 2014, he was traded for a sixth round pick in 2011.

3. LB Matt McCoy

McCoy, also a second round pick, was even more disappointing than Brown. He lasted two and a half years with the team, starting 10 games in 2006 and totaling 54 tackles, two sacks and three forced fumbles that year, but he didn’t do much else. In 2007, he played in seven games and had just five tackles and was released in the middle of the year in favor of Akeem Jordan, who they brought up from the practice squad.

4. RB Ryan Moats

I often forget that Moats was actually supposed to be good and that they used a third round pick on him. He had one good game his rookie year when starter Brian Westbrook got hurt in which he ran for 114 yards and a touchdown. He finished his Eagles career with just 347 yards and three touchdowns, missing the entire 2007 season with an ankle injury. He was released after that year before the start of the 2008 season.

5. S Sean Considine

Boy, could this guy hit. The Eagles gave him a chance to start at strong safety for a couple years, starting nine games in 2006 and finishing the year with 59 tackles. He then started eight games the next year before injuring his shoulder and missing the rest of the year. He spent all of his fourth year with the team as a special teams guy, leading the team in special teams tackles. The Eagles chose not to re-sign him after his rookie contract expired.

6. G/T Todd Herremans

Finally, Reid picked an offensive lineman later in the draft that actually worked out. He played all 10 years of his career with the Eagles, starting in 124 of the 127 games he played in, starting at three different positions on the line throughout his career. He missed half of last year with an injury and the Eagles chose to release him in the offseason to save cap space, but he will still go down as one of the more successful offensive lineman that the Eagles drafted. Very good pick by Reid here.

7. DE/OLB Trent Cole

Finally, Reid picked two talented players in a row. Cole, yet another low-round Cincinnati Bearcat that worked out, had a similar career to Herremans. He played 10 seasons with the team before being let go last year to create more cap room. Cole was a great player who I think is generally underrated for what he did for this franchise. He started in 145 games over his career and only missed five out of a possible 160 games. He totaled 436 tackles and 85.5 sacks as both a defensive end and outside linebacker. He moved to linebacker when the team made the switch to a 3-4 defense and still played great despite it “not being the best fit for him.” It’s really a shame that Cole won’t be on the team next year, as he was arguably the most talented defensive player that Reid ever drafted.

8. OG Scott Young

Young was picked in the fifth round and played in 13 games for the Eagles over the three years he was with the team. He was projected to be a third round pick due to his strength, but fell a couple rounds. He then just didn’t show up to OTAs in 2008 and was released, which is I guess what he wanted.

9. OT Calvin Armstrong

Very little information exists about Armstrong, who was a sixth round pick by the Eagles in 2005. He never played a game for them, or for any NFL team for that matter, and ended up in the CFL. A throwaway pick for sure.

10. DT Keyonta Marshall

While Armstrong played in no games, Marshall played in just one game in his only season with the team before being released. Unsurprisingly, he had zero tackles in that forgettable game in which he played.

11. LB David Bergeron

Bergeron never played in a game in the NFL either, and very little information exists about him. He was either released during training camp/preseason or spent the whole season on the practice squad. But really, at this point, does it even matter?

Minus the last four guys, who were obviously throwaway picks, this was actually an okay draft. Patterson, Herremans and Cole were all long-time Eagles who had success. Brown and Considine had a couple good years each before Brown fell off a cliff (not literally, of course) and Considine wasn’t re-signed. McCoy and Moats weren’t good at all, but not every pick works out. The fact that they had more than one guy who actually lasted long with the team is a good thing for Reid.

Draft grade: B-


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