Sixers Stay or Go Series: Adonis Thomas

SG Adonis Thomas did not play much for the Sixers, but I’m going to talk about him anyway due to the fact that he was on the roster at the end of the season. In his rookie year last year, he was briefly on the roster of four different teams in the league (including the Sixers). He even got two 10-day contracts with the Magic towards the end of the season, and was coincidentally on the … Continue reading

Sixers Stay or Go Series: Casper Ware

As of now, I’ve given roster spots to just 6 players, and with a maximum of 15, there still leaves a lot to be filled. The next player I’m looking at is PG Casper Ware. Ware was in his first season in the NBA last year after spending the beginning of his career in Italy. But he didn’t just “spend time” there, he actually won the MVP of his league, averaging over 20 PPG. After … Continue reading

Sixers Stay or Go Series: Jarvis Varnado

Believe it or not, but PF Jarvis Varnado is the second oldest player on the team at 26 years old. But while he may be the second oldest, he is certainly not the second most experienced. After being drafted in the second round of the 2010 NBA Draft by the Heat, which coincidentally was the same draft that James Anderson and Elliot Williams were drafted, he immediately went to play in Italy while the Heat … Continue reading

Sixers Stay or Go Series: Arnett Moultrie

After Summer League last year, I was optimistic about how PF Arnett Moultrie would contribute for the team. I thought that he could definitely be a regular contributor off the bench. He didn’t look too bad in his rookie season two years ago, getting to play in 47 games. But this year he spent most of the season in the D-League after struggling to even make the awful Sixers roster. Then he got suspended for … Continue reading

Sixers Stay or Go Series: Brandon Davies

I am now in the back half of  the roster as I analyze the players that clearly did not play as much this past season. While that doesn’t mean I’m guaranteed to say to get rid of them, their worth to the team is clearly lesser. A player must really deserve not to play if he’s getting severely limited minutes on a team as bad as the Sixers. Either that, or  the player is just very … Continue reading

Sixers Stay or Go Series: Byron Mullens

I’m going to go on record and say that I really liked Byron Mullens as a player two years ago when he was with Charlotte. I even had him on my fantasy team because he brought in the rare combination of 3-pointers and rebounds. But then he ended up in Los Angeles to play for the Clippers and dropped off a cliff, showing that maybe he only played so well because the Bobcats had no one else … Continue reading

Sixers Stay or Go Series: Elliot Williams

According to my armchair GM decisions, the Sixers currently still have 2 starters (PG Michael Carter-Williams and PF Thad Young) and 3 backups (SG James Anderson, C Henry Sims, and SG James Anderson). I let Hollis Thompson go, and so far he’s been the only player that I’ve done that to. Now I will look at SG Elliot Williams, who played his first season with the Sixers last year and his second in the league. Williams … Continue reading

Sixers Stay or Go Series: Tony Wroten

I’ve now gone through all five of the Sixers’ starters at the end of the season, so now I will move to the backups. The most obvious player to evaluate first is Tony Wroten, the clear sixth man for the team this past year. As mainly a shooting guard, he averaged 13.0 PPG, 3.2 RPG, and 3.0 APG. His shooting percentages weren’t great (especially from 3, where he shot just 21.3%), but he averaged so … Continue reading

Sixers Stay or Go Series: Hollis Thompson

I seem to have been very generous with the Sixers players that I have evaluated thus far. I have decided to keep all four of the players I’ve looked at, even James Anderson, who I have consistently criticized since becoming a Sixer. Next is the 5th and final starter from last year’s squad, SF/SG Hollis Thompson. Last year was Thompson’s rookie season after being undrafted out of Georgetown. He can be used as either a … Continue reading

Sixers Stay or Go Series: Henry Sims

If I were the head of management for the Sixers (as I’m pretending to be for this series), they’d currently have Michael Carter-Williams, Thad Young, and James Anderson all still on the team. The first of those two would be starters, and Anderson would come off the bench. Now I move onto another starter for the second half of last year, C Henry Sims. Sims came over in the Spencer Hawes trade at the trade deadline … Continue reading