Sixers Stay or Go Series: James Anderson

So far, I have determined that the Sixers should retain starters Michael Carter-Williams and Thad Young, at PG and PF respectively. Now I move onto their starting SG for most of the season, James Anderson. Anderson was signed last offseason as what seemed like an “extra” that would fill out the roster. Well, Anderson must have impressed people within the organization because he ended up playing in 80 games for the Sixers this past season, … Continue reading

Sixers Stay or Go Series: Thaddeus Young

After determining a couple days ago that starting PG Michael Carter-Williams should stay with the team next year, I move onto Thad Young, the team’s starting PF last year and arguably their best and most productive player. Young is one of the few veterans on the team, playing since he was drafted in the 1st round by the Sixers in 2007. He may be the longest-tenured player still on the team of 6 years, but … Continue reading

Sixers Stay or Go Series: Michael Carter-Williams

This is the beginning of a series of posts I will be doing about all of the players currently on the Sixers roster and whether or not they should keep them around for next season. I will look at many different variables such as stats from this past year, role on the team, salary, and worth to the team’s future. This should help decide who on the Sixers should stay and who should go this … Continue reading

Michael Carter-Williams wins Rookie of the Year Award

THIS JUST IN: 76ers PG Michael Carter-Williams will be named NBA Rookie of the Year. (via @njdotcom) — SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) May 3, 2014 This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. There was no rookie in the NBA that was even close to Michael Carter-Williams, who has officially been announced as the 2014 NBA Rookie of the Year. He got 104/124 first place votes, which seems about right to me. I’m sure Victor Oladipo … Continue reading

Analyzing the Sixers 26-game losing streak

26 games, 58 days, and nearly two months. That’s the length of time the Sixers spent losing. Do you think they got sick of it? Yeah probably, and it finally reached the point where it boiled over and they demolished the pathetic-looking Detroit Pistons at home by 25 points. No, I didn’t think they’d ever win again this season, but a firm confirmation that they have a lot of heart like that was the best … Continue reading

How bad exactly are the Sixers?

Sure, the Sixers are pretty terrible, but just how bad are they? Well, for one thing they just lost by 20 points to the team with the worst record in the league, so that’s a good start. They’ve had back-to-back games where they’ve let their opponent shoot over 57% from the field. And their winning streak has stretched to 11 games, the longest since 2009. This is pretty much the lowest the Sixers could get, … Continue reading

Hinkie is busy during trade deadline, moves Hawes and Turner

Anybody who’s honestly surprised at the trading of Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes just doesn’t understand GM Sam Hinkie. They were sitting in a small stage above mediocrity and were not a part of the future of their franchise. While the stats for those guys might look good at times, it’s mainly a product of their large amount of minutes they play each game, not their actual skill. They’re two of the most inconsistent players … Continue reading

Sixers get destroyed in one of worst losses in team history

That was one of the most embarrassing games in the history of the Philadelphia 76ers. It’s normal to see them down 10 points by the end of the first quarter, but the gap was far larger than that after the Clippers exploded for 46 points in the first quarter, putting them up by 31. A 31 point lead after 12 minutes of basketball?? What the heck are the Sixers doing? The Clippers may be a … Continue reading

76ers topple Kings for third win in a row

Not only was this their third win in a row, but they were all on the road, a place they’ve struggled in all throughout the season. In fact, before this three game winning streak, they were an atrocious 1-13 when playing outside the Wells Fargo Center, a pitiful record. While none of these three most recent wins are against very good teams, it’s nice to see the Sixers actually winning considering right before it they … Continue reading

Sixers down Nuggets for 10th win of season

The Sixers got a rare win on the road yesterday after defeating the Denver Nuggets 114-102. They improved to 10-21 overall, but it was just their third road win. Their offense was clicking all night, racking up their highest point total in a regulation game all season. In fact, they had just set that record the game before after scoring 112 against the Lakers, so maybe they’re offense will continue to ride a hot streak. … Continue reading