MCW returns, Turner hits game-winning layup in OT to beat Nets

After missing the past 7 games due to a foot injury, PG Michael Carter-Williams returned with a double-double to help lead the Sixers to their 8th win of the season. He contributed 15 points and 10 assists, as well as 3 steals in 35 minutes. But the real X-factor in this game was Evan Turner, who not only had 29 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 assists, but also had the game-winning layup. He drove to … Continue reading

Sixers finally get Brett Brown to coach them

A month and a half ago, Brett Brown was said to be the new Sixers coach. Then all of a sudden it was reported that he had not accepted the job and that they were interviewing other candidates still. So the team interviewed a bunch of assistants from around the league, only to announce that the finalists for the job were Brown and Sixers assistant Michael Curry. Then the team said they were still in … Continue reading

Predicting the Sixers roster and starters

While it’s probably too early to be thinking about who the starters will be on the Sixers roster when the regular season begins, I’m going to think about it anyway. Obviously they are probably not done making moves, but this guess will reflect who I think they’re likely to have and won’t take into account any hopeful or wishful moves in free agency or in trades. So here it is: Starters C Lavoy Allen Last … Continue reading

Summer League struggles for Sixers

It shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise that the Sixers finished with a near-worst 1-4 record following the NBA Summer League in Orlando. Even though their roster is thin, they didn’t have any of their top guys playing, with the leader being rookie Michael Carter-Williams, a guy who clearly has a lot of work to do before he becomes a legitimate starting point guard. Arnett Moultrie and Khalif Wyatt were probably the two … Continue reading

Sixers still without coach after Summer League

It baffles me that the Sixers still have not selected a coach. They went from basically “having” Brett Brown, the former Spurs assistant, as their head coach to still in the process of interviewing back to the idea that Brown was now the favorite again. Whatever they’re doing, they really need to figure it out soon or next season will be even more of a disaster, and I didn’t think that could possibly happen. But … Continue reading

As free agency continues, Sixers stay quiet

Rumors are flying all over the place that the Sixers are purposely “tanking” in order to get a top pick in next year’s draft. While it’s impossible to say that for sure before the season has even started, it’s looking like they’re moving along a path of rebuilding. After trading Jrue Holiday, they cleared up a lot of cap space. I thought maybe they’d try to use that to sign a top free agent, but … Continue reading

Who’s in the Sixers starting lineup?

I think this is the biggest question now among all Sixers fans. A couple days ago I speculated that the starting lineup would be C Nerlens Noel, PF Spencer Hawes, SF Thad Young, SG Evan Turner, and PG Michael Carter-Williams. But this could easily go a whole different direction if Noel isn’t healthy by the start of the season. Then we might see this lineup: C Hawes, PF Thad Young, SF Turner, SG Damien Wilkins, … Continue reading

Who is Brett Brown? The Sixers new head coach?

When I heard that Brett Brown was going to be hired as the new head coach for the Sixers, my first reaction was “who is this guy?” Ok, so it’s not like he’s a random guy, and my knowledge of basketball coaches isn’t extraordinary, but I don’t think many fans immediately knew who this guy was and were excited. But maybe they should be excited. He doesn’t have any NBA head coaching experience, but he … Continue reading

Holiday out, Noel and Carter-Williams in

If you’re a Sixers fan, then last night during Draft Day was certainly an interesting night. There were already rumors that they were going to trade away somebody such as Evan Turner to mix things up, but not many people saw coming what they actually did. Instead, they traded Jrue Holiday for newly drafted C Nerlens Noel and a 2014 first round draft pick. In the long term, this could be an interesting decision. In … Continue reading